Isaiah 7:14 is a prophecy about the messiah whose name is Immanuel, so why the name Jesus ?

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  • smiddy

    Maybe I`m getting old and senile , but I was thinking about something that used to nag at the back of my brain when I was "in" , wasn`t the Messiah to be called Immanuel ? according to Isa.7:14 and not Jesus ?

    Why was the name Immanuel substituted with the name Jesus .?

    Their is no Hebrew prophecy that says the Messiah is to be called Jesus is their ?

  • Crazyguy

    I have read somewhere that this prophecy was about the coming of Isaiah son and had nothing to do with a future 1century messiah. I also have read that the Jews never thought the messiah was going to be the son of a god just a king like man that would deliver them from thier oppressors like Cyrus .

  • Ozman

    Hi Smiddy. Good question. Immanuel seems to be a 'symbolic' name. I just spent some time researching it in the old & new testaments ...& found myself reading about virgins, thrones, revenge & god killing people. Jesus doesn't really fit the prophecy. Yes he raised the dead but he didn't smash the shit out of everyone like the jews were expecting. They were probably thinking ' what's this love your enemies crap'??? It is interesting that there were no other jesus or yeshua's in the old testament. Maybe I missed that meeting 😊

  • newcovenant
    isaiah uses many names and titles for jesus , everlasting father mighty god etc , the name immanuel means 'god with us' further confirmation of the deity of jesus that the witnesses dismiss just as did the first century jews , despite numerous statements by jesus from the old testament confirming his identity and status . john 8-58 / luke 4-19-21
  • Ozman

    Just got some 'new light' from above. The gb announce that they are the 'modern day immanuel class!'

    Jdubs answer: oh...ok. new light! Thank you jehovah

    Me: Wtf???

  • smiddy

    Just a thought on the few responses made so far , nobody seems to take the litreal scriptures seriously certainly not as the word of be obeyed without question

  • Ozman

    My apologies....I thought I was taking the bible literally. ...I was exercising my god given 'free will'! 😊

  • jhine

    As newcovenant says Immanuel means " God with us " , so maybe a title as much as a name .


  • OneGenTwoGroups
    Messy manic prophecy.

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