Commuter Bethelites: Now At Warwick!

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  • HiddlesWife

    I just recently read the thread on this subject started by Blueblades entitled "Commuter Bethelites" approximately 15 years ago. Although the program had ended in Brooklyn, Wallkill, etc., in around 2002, I noticed that the BORG has commuters (sisters, particularly) holding this privilege of service at Warwick!

    In a few previous postings which I told about my going on a recent bus trip to there, there were many single sisters used in that capacity as tour guides, cleaning the visitors' lobby and even directing traffic (two sisters had walkie-talkies, communicating to no doubt a central office, informing bus operators when to go and when to stop, when to let off their passengers, etc.).

    I found all of this very interesting, because my sister and one of my closest two cousins (the three I spoke about in my previous threads) had applied many times for the above opportunity while they were regular pioneers; and they were rejected time and time again. However, now that I know TTATT and the inner workings of the BORG, I am not going to complain anymore about this aspect. Also, after telling those three family members about it (along with them reading the postings of this forum and checking out various YouTube videos), the above is no longer an issue to them anymore either. This is just my observation regarding what's really going on!

  • sir82

    So women are all zogged out to have the "privilege" of cleaning a building lobby, but are considered by the male hierarchy as too unworthy to utter a public prayer if a baptized 10-year boy is present.

    Only in Watchtower World.

  • btlc

    Last few years sisters have "privilege" to serve at Regional Conventions as hostesses, welcoming at entrance, watching contribution boxes, managing info-desks, distributing convention programs and literature, and so, mainly atractive and good-looking young pieces... I asked how's that started, and CO said to me, we brothers are worth for nothing, no one wants to put on the disposal, and sisters does that much better anyway...

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