nonjw married to a jw, video by Critical Thinker - excellent!

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  • nonjwspouse

    I just came across this today. It is a recent addition to the channel. It accurately describes the troubles of a non-aware, non-jw marrying a disfellowshipped JW who then turns around and feels the need to become reinstated.

    There are so any non jw spouses or spouses to be, that are ignorant of the dept tf the organizations hold on their loved one. many times the Non JW just doesn't understand it is not like other religions. The thought processes are not logical like we ( the non jw) think they should be. So we tend to make these exact same "mistakes" in responses and attempts to understand. That is until we do extensive research and find out the reality of the situation.

    The channel is So very good.

  • Lieu
    All of their videos are good.

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