Sin and death - how does it make sense to ANY believer of ANY religion?

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  • BourneIdentity

    Since Adam and Eve’s fall, we are all sinners. It’s what we do, there is no way to change it, sinning is a daily part of life. There are major sins, but most of us commit minor ones everyday in words, thoughts or deeds. It would be likened to a human breathing oxygen and trying to survive underwater, it won’t work. We are made to believe we should feel bad for sinning, just like we would be made to feel guilty that we don’t have gills and can’t breathe underwater.

    To any believers, you feel or know God is loving and merciful. Then why does he seek to murder something every chance he has? Prior to Christ’s sacrifice, if you messed up, he wanted you to pick your very best animal and murder it. Is that what a loving person would do? He essentially wants you to take an innocent victims life for your fuckup. Not only is God a blood thirsty killer, he’s made you into one now, and you feel it’s the right thing to do.

    Why would a person pre-Christ, have to murder animals for a sin, when it’s their nature and they are going to do it? Is it due to Jehovah being blood thirsty and needing a reason for something to be killed?

    Consider all the millions he’s murdered, Sodom and Gomorrah, Noah’s flood, the 185,000 in Assyria to list a few examples. Remember too, Jehovah is supposed to be “hands off” after Adam and Eve sinned to prove that man cannot rule on their own. Yet he still can’t help himself to be hands off, he is so blood thirsty and needs to kill, kill, kill!

    I conclude with a very important question to ask yourself? If he is so loving, if he views life as so precious, why does he want to snuff out life any chance he gets? Before you answer because we are sinners, remember we have no control of that, we were born that way. Should we be punished for breathing air?

    My rant is over. When one takes an honest look at humans and how forgiving they are of one another and loving, we have shown God how it needs to be done, but you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, he is hell bent on killing anyone he sees fit.

  • Sea Breeze
    Sea Breeze
    Remember too, Jehovah is supposed to be “hands off” after Adam and Eve sinned to prove that man cannot rule on their own.

    That is part of the explanation given by the Watchtower as to why God allows evil. It is total nonsense, sleight of hand and misdirection. Tell that to any Christian with a little bible knowledge and you'll get a look of befuddlement every time.

    When man was created, he was made of body, soul and spirit. After the Fall, the body is not redeemed, even for believers. It is separated from the source of life, decays and dies. But, the soul lives on forever... being designed to commune with God for eternity, if sinless.

    This is what God is trying to restore, a connection to himself and thus immortality. But, it is tricky because we are all free moral agents. Love is not something that can be forced, it must be offered and then it must be received.

    "Jehovah's Sovereignty", answering the question: "Who has the right to rule"? blah, blah blah..... all mis-direction, sleight of hand. Total non-sense.

    The Christian religion was founded by a man who walked out a tomb and conquered death. That is what the bible is about - How to cheat death and have immortality and experience love in fellowship with God and others capable of reciprocating that love forever.

    he is hell bent on killing anyone he sees fit.

    Have you noticed how everyone already dies? If you could stop God from killing people as you assert, they'd all still be dead in a few short years anyway. So, getting rid of God does nothing to solve the problem.

  • BlackPuddingEater

    What you have there mate is a fundamental floor in your monotheism. This particular model has had so many different dogmas stuck in it as it's been passed from culture to culture it's lost all meaning. If you really want to ask the questions of all religions the ask a polytheist or better yet just enjoy the story for what it is.

  • 1234

    This was one of the most important things the Society ever wrote and rocked my JW world back in 1973. It changed my thoughts about the question of whether we earn our way into the new system (as the society would like you believe) or is it a free give, which makes more sense.

    The answer the society gave was quit surprising.

    So, of course when I was still a JW and went back to the world headquarters in 1996, to see my old Bethel friends. I went straight to the writing department to track down my old friend Cerio Allisino, who was still in the writing department. He informed me the information was correct.

    The statement was in the "God's reign of a thousand years is now approaching" book. Page 129 paragraph 32.

    It said this. It was very surprising what the society had to say.
    "Because of being born sinful and condemned to death mankind never had "a chance" It could never justify itself before the God of absolute perfection by doing perfect works of righteousness and ridding itself of sinfulness."

    So get this.... it goes on to say.

    "So Judgement Day does not offer mankind what is called "a second chance" Rather, it affords to mankind ts FIRST opportunity to gain eternal life in human perfection and absolute innocence in an earthly Paradise!"

    Of course to me back then this would make more sense. How could any man be judged with all that sin an imperfection? So how could any man.... Jehovah's Witness or not even a Jehovah's Witness, be judged? After all THEY said we "never had a first chance "

    So what is all this "working hard" and "exerting vigorously" thing about? Which is it? Is it a free gift as they even claim it is....or are your working your way there, as the as they would have you believe from their many remarks from their pulpit?

    How can you believe in any organization that can't even keep their own stories straight?

    Also I guess this is just another reason you can't research any of their publications older than 1980 on their web site!

    Kool Aid anyone?

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