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    wifibandit - I just wanted to say that you have been truly a big help to all of us here on this board. All though your posts may not get the many replies that other OP's get, I know that there is a lot of people who still look at what you post though. As I think about it, with out you and Atlantis, we would not know what is happening inside the org as much as we do. You have truly been instrumental in helping us all know what the going's on are.

    So a big thank-you-so much is in order! Some how you come across this info and decide to share it with us. You don't have to. No one tells you to. But you do. And I just want to say, "Thank you."

  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog
    Agreed. Your efforts are highly valued. 🙆🙇
  • freddo
    Thank you!
  • Room 215
    Room 215
    Great work; invaluable!
  • wannaexit
    Wifibandit is a celebrity in my family :)
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  • poopie
    Thank you
  • wifibandit

    Atlantis' posts of KM's are what helped me overcome my fear of this site. Watchtowerletters.com helped me deal with my cognitive dissonance. Without Atlantis and friends posting BOE's, I may not have woken up.

    If I can contribute by posting files I find or am given, it is the least I can do. Who knows when someone will do a google search for a publication and learn TTATT. There is a younger generation of exjw activists who are tech savvy and reaching many people within the org who are their same age. If we can provide technical assistance to those who have been around longer, that aids in sharing leaks, All the Better!

    Thanks everyone!

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