New RC disfellowshipping video - disgusting

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  • krejames

    Here's a video I think should be getting more publicity than the so-called anti-gay video. Produced for the 2016 RC. I find this repulsive. Felt so incensed, I had to tweet about it hehe.

    Sorry if someone has already posted on this.

  • Crazyguy

    I did a JW search on my phone earlier today and on a Twitter feed this was listed first. Thier wacky videos and thier pedophile court cases are going to get them some real bad press. They must not care or maybe thier pushing for that persecution complex.

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    This is the clear reason why they get them baptized young, so that they can apply this shunning whenever they wake up to the fact they do not want to live by the JW standards, or when simply going through the normal hormonal/discovering/growing all young ones go through.

    With this type of treatment from the ones a young person loves the most, they will sure return to the JW ranks.

    Horrible policy!


  • BluesBrother

    Yes - it has been up before....That does not matter because , yes it is a disgusting piece of propaganda.

    Strange also that the rules do not call upon a parent to kick out a d/f person. They can still deal with them and speak on "non spiritual matters" if part of the household.. I guess they are demonstrating, without saying, that expulsion by the cong should mean expulsion from home.

    Writing this, reminds me of a case in the nineties . A young sister , after repeated reproofs was d/f'd. She stayed in the home ,with young brother & sisters, eventually re instated . She has now grown up emotionally, found the right man and seems happily married . I don't think her father would do what this video portrays.

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    The WTBTS has a policy, but there are plenty that will ignore it as 'blood is thicker than water', specially in the Spanish culture where it seems that we're all about family 1st.

    I know of this guy that was an elder and his pioneering daughter found a really good 'worldly' guy that treated her like a queen even 'til this day so I hear; she left the pioneering ranks and married this guy. The elder father attended the wedding and even proudly walked her down the isle.

    Although some pushed for him to step down he refused and kept on 'til today. He openly said he'd never not attend one of his children's wedding 'cause they're his family and the ones that will see after him in his old age.

    He was right; as much hyped up, no bit 'A' yet and he's now an old man, very needy of his children and they treat him very well because he treated them with respect on their decisions; only one remains a JW.

    Like his, there are many non-shunning stories in the Spanish JW ranks; screw the WTBTS, family first then the other shenanigans.


  • TheWonderofYou
    Doubtfully Yours
    Non-shunning stories - How fine!

    From time to time I meet or see some of my former "sis" and "bros" doing a shopping, sometimes they even unassertively greet me or give the impression to be willing to have a small talk. Once I could speak about the fear of armageddon that are created in the publications and at conventions and how children react and the sis agreed me completely. She said that she would not show this stuff to her minors too. And she told me how good the JW were, because there are so many nice people. What would she tell me after this so called "fear mongering " convention and would she speak with me at all?

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