The God of The Bible a Divisive God

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  • smiddy3

    Surely God could have had a better plan for directing humans than what is outlined in the Bible couldn`t he ?

    Right from the start he picks favorites ,not giving Cain or Abel any clues or directions in how he wanted to be worshiped .

    Maybe its just me but I would have thought Cain`s sacrifice would have been much better than Abel`s simply because Cains offering was from the" fruits from the ground" but Abel`s offering was to sacrifice" some firstling`s of his flock" oh, and lets not forge" their fatty pieces". ?

    Cain offered up the product of the land ,being a cultivator of the land ,while Abel was a herder of the sheep and slaughtered one of Gods creations

    The pattern was then set for God to choose favorites causing divisions among all of the nations choosing only to deal with what became the nation of Israel .

    What if he had been Impartial and Dealt with People of All Nations Before they Arose on An Equal Basis .?

    Wouldn`t the outcome have been a lot better than it is today ? With only one God one religion in all over the world ?

    Couldn`t / Wouldn`t the world have been a better place to live in now ?

    The reason the world is in the state it is today religious-wise with so many sects and divisions and belief systems IS because the God of the Bible is /was partial and divisive.

    Your thoughts appreciated .

  • waton
    but Abel`s offering was to sacrifice" some firstling`s of his flock" oh, and lets not forge" their fatty pieces". ?

    s3: The deity wanted to reward clear thinking. The fatty pieces are a better fuel for burning, and fat is not good nutrition. main reason for insight was, that all these people, even animals were total vegetarians. until the deluge. What was Abel going to do with all the carrion, the meat, after milk and wool, leather was used? even the dogs would not eat meat; so: what a smart move to incinerate it. (good fertilizer too).

    the bible is a book of magic, talking snakes, animals created after humans, sun standing still (actually does, the earth is turning)

  • truth_b_known

    Most of the Old Testament, especially Genesis, is a completely fabricated story. Even stories have benefit. Stories also teach.

    A Canaanite tribe captured by the Persians decided they did not want to lose their cultural identity. The way they accomplished their goal was to make up a story. A story in which their people were a special people chosen by the one true god.

    The back story of the ancient Israelites is that the one true god YHWH told Abram (who changed his name to Abraham) that his descendants would grow into a mighty nation that would rule over the whole world. This tall tale is what kept the Persian captives dedicated to keeping their ethnic and cultural identity alive. The story obviously served its purpose.

    We literally have a religion based on ethnic/cultural supremacy and it's defended by true believers because "it's God's will." It shouldn't be surprising that it is a divisive religion.

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