Interesting Prince quote from current Entertainment Weekly (yes, another Prince thread)

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  • OutsiderLookingIn

    This weekend, I was reading my cousin's hard copy of the Entertainment Weekly Prince tribute (May 6, 2016 issue) and came across a very interesting quote. EW journalist Leah Greenblatt, who conducted the last major magazine interview with Prince in August 2015, recounted him saying: "Religion is beautiful as long as you don't become a fanatic and start shutting other people out, other ideas."

    Say what?! Prince may have still been a JW, but it sounds like he had a very open-minded approach to it. Maybe he stuck around for the promise of paradise but didn't get into small-mindedness and looking down on non-JWs. I was so glad to read this. Whether or not it's the norm, Prince found some balance in the JW religion.

    Unfortunately, I can't link to it because the EW website doesn't have the full article; it just refers you to ways to buy the magazine. I guess it's how to sell magazines in a dying industry. Check it out in a supermarket checkout lane near you.

  • talesin

    I find that interesting. It had occurred to me several years ago, when he and his JW wife (2nd wife) got divorced. Was it a 'scriptural' divorce? At the time, and since, I have wondered if he became disillusioned with the JW. In the past couple of years, he seemed to be getting more like his Purpleness again. My room mate and I had several conversations about it, and I had hope that the JW had lost their stranglehold on him. I guess we'll never know ...

  • violias
    The latest from TMZ is someone is claiming to be his son, fathered in 1976. The man is in prison for weapons issues but they had a pic and he does look like Prince and he has ask for DNA test and it is being done
  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    His behavior and life style clearly says that this artist was NOT a JW, definitely 'in name only' like so many of us in this forum.


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