Dems Reject Nominating Openly-Liberal Candidate

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  • George W Bush
    George W Bush

    (2003-08-05) -- Democrat National Committee Chairman Terry McAuliffe said today that America is not ready for his party to nominate its first openly-liberal candidate in the post-Reagan era.

    "Officially we have a 'don't ask-don't tell' policy regarding liberalism," said Mr. McAuliffe. "No openly-liberal candidate will receive the nomination."

    The DNC manual suggests that secretly-liberal candidates refrain from public displays of affection for big government, higher taxes and weaker national defense. Studies show that while mainstream Americans favor tolerance for liberal ideas -- like increasing government control of schools and tax-funded prescription drugs -- they would rather call it something else, like "compassionate conservatism."

    Mr. McAuliffe said that none of the top Democrat candidates is openly liberal.

    "Everyone knows that Dean is a fiscal conservative," he said. Liberman is a social conservative, and John Kerry is a professional Vietnam veteran married to a wealthy heiress. If any of them are closet liberals, they only act on it in the privacy of their offices."

  • George W Bush
    George W Bush

    Speaking of liberals

    Gore "Assembling Posse" to Challenge Bush in 2004

    (2003-08-07) -- Al Gore announced today that he is "assembling a posse" to challenge George Bush for the presidency in 2004. Gore has called Joe Lieberman, Diane Feinstein, Dick Gephardt and others asking them to all run for president with him.

    "I don't want to unilaterally go after Bush without knowing that all the leaders in the party are united," said Gore. "A primary race can be so divisive, so I'm waiting to declare my candidacy until all Democrats in Congress, all Democrat Governors, and former President Clinton confirm their intention to fight on my behalf."

    The former vice president also said he will not run unless he gets international support for his bid for the White House.

    "We learned in '92 how important it is to get members of the U.N. Security Council -- like the Chinese -- on your side," Gore said.

  • Panda

    GWB, I like the Chinese, and they LOVE to watch US politics (as comedy of course). Soon we'll have Arnold over California instead of over his co-stars (he's a traditional guy). And still no new court appointees accepted by Congress. Polititians are so petty.

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