TV: Tuesday, Aug. 13th: Silent No More, Part 2: The Verdicts

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    [QUOTE] Inside a courthouse in Thompson Falls, Montana, the Jehovah's Witnesses organization in September suffered its greatest court defeat in a U.S. child sex abuse case.

    Stinnett, in his first interview about the case, explained how he and eight other Sanders County jurors found the Jehovah's Witnesses governing organizations negligent and "guilty of malice" in the child sexual abuse of Alexis Nunez, awarding her $35 million.

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    Jesus said "let the children come to me" 2000 years ago.

    Today, the legal profession is saying " Let the children" who were sexually abused in religious institutions who have now become adults be given a voice in the Courts of the land be given justice and compensation.

    And for those institutions like the Jehovah Witness religion ,who in the past treated such a crime only as a sin and never reported it to any of the appropriate authorities ,such as Child protection Authorities or the Police and only dealt with it internally in a judicial committee of three Elders ,they should be held accountable for being complicit in a crime ,not reporting a crime,and obstructing justice .

    And worst of all not protecting children in there care but adding to their pain.

    Their appealing to Clergy Penitent privilege should be thrown out of court as they have often stated they do not have a Clergy system .

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    The Fall Guy


    Here's a link which may help the rest of us in the UK:

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    I opened the link and left it open on the non private browser. Just a little sneaky way for my husband to begin reading it.

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