NYT 8/6"Crusader America will pay dearly..."

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    NYTimes Aug 6th

    A new taped message has cropped up from one of OBL henchmen.

    He (OBL henchman) says, "Crusader America will pay dearly for any harm done to any Muslim prisoners it is holding." This message is a reference to the Guantanamo Bay detainees who may be tried and sentenced to death.

    Sec.Rumsfeld suggested "[that the tapes] I think of the tapes as promotional. I think of them as recruiting devices and financing devices to say to the world, ' we're alive; we're functioning. Please send money; send recruits' essentially [that's the meaning] and I expect they'll continue until the folks that like to make those tapes are captured or killed."

    You've gotta love this guy. No fussing about hurting some murderers feelings, or stepping on his delicate religiousity. Nope Mr.R just says "these bad guys ought to be dead, or something like that."

    All of this on top of the news of a Qaeda hide out being raided. The hideout contained experimental explosives hidden in cameras and flash attachments, included was information about fund raising and recruiting. Who knew? I guess now every camera wielding tourist will be checked... uhoh this could be troublesome. And let's add to this the recent car bombing of a US hotel in Jakarta, Indonesia by the Jemaah Islamiyah ( Indonesian AlQueda) . Gee... Does anyone else think that targeting America has become THE jihad of the century?

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