40-Year-Old Child Abuse Document Could Rattle Catholic Church

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  • SYN

    Very interesting articles...what do you guys think about this?

  • Gamaliel

    It's going to take another copy or two of the same document, or some bishops to admit to knowing of the document under oath, to claim that the document was used in the way the lawyer says it was. Seems quite believable though knowing what we know about WTS dishonesty, and religious dishonesty in general.


  • mizpah

    All "hierarchal" organizations are the same. The Watchtower Society has kept "secret files" on sexual abusers for years according to Bill Bowen. And the local elders keep "secret files" on their members at the Kingdom Halls. While the doctrinal beliefs greatly differ, the similarites of the structure and procedures of the organization of the Catholic Church and the Watchtower Society are remarkably the same.

  • Euphemism

    Hey, SYN, good to see you! Have you been away, or have we just been on different threads?

    All I can say is that I hope that the WT has a similar smoking gun. But I doubt it... they've always been good about keeping things on an oral level.

  • SYN

    Hi Euphimism. Thanks to a dodgy IIS server (is there any other kind?) I seem to have posted this article twice...good grief...nope, we haven't been on different threads, I've just been pretty quiet around these parts lately...good points, everyone who responded to both my threads.

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