Dutch: JW BIBLE EXPO 2017!

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  • darkspilver


    + A unique collection of Bibles
    + The Bible: The most widely translated book
    + Bible history in the Netherlands
    + How the name of God has been saved

    From 19 January through to 2 April 2017
    Thursdays through to Sundays from 10:00 to 16:00
    Free Entry, Free Parking and Free Tours!

    Book Now! Some dates/times already fully booked up!


  • scratchme1010

    Interesting from a historical perspective, but to be surrounded by so many bible freaks... I rather pass.

  • menrov

    Good marketing to name it Bijbelexpo instead of JW promo....I prefer to go to the bible museum in The Netherlands, Also to claim that THEY saved he name....like God would need an organisation to save His name.....

  • JWdaughter

    Not arrogant at all!

  • smiddy

    Actually , wasnt`t it the Spanish Catholic Monk of the 13th Century ? that not only saved the "name" of GOD ,he invented the name Jehovah ?

    Raymundus martinus , the Spanish Monk who put vowels in between the four consonants of the Hebrew letters of the Tetragrammaton ,JHVH ,which really should have been YHWH ,so instead of Jehovah his name would more correctly be Yahweh as acknowoedged by the first edition of the book "Aid To Bible Understanding" published by the WTB&TS.

    Their reason for using and staying with the name Jehovah ,they gave , was it was the more popular name in usage .? By whom ? Christendom of course who else would be using the name of God if not Christians.?

    On the other hand they are trying to tell us that Christendom was trying to hide the name and not using it ?

    Christendoms Bibles use the name Jehovah / Yahweh ,.Churches throughout Christendom have the name Jehovah on them ,Hymns of christendom have the name Jehovah on them and they all have done so for Centuries

  • Gorbatchov

    Went to it in Antwerp half way the 90's.

    A bit late in Holland.

    It is JW PR stunt for the new centralised convention hall.

    No entrance cost, the bank card terminal stays right frim the entrance doors. Feel free!

  • daringhart13

    It still doesn't beat my all time favorite photo ..... even after all these years I can't stop LAUGHING when I look at this:

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