"Sidelined CO's"

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  • Gorbatchov

    G's lovely and loyal to the organization mother (due to many reasons), gave an unexpected reaction when I asked "how is brother W. our favorite CO and friend since her early youth years? Is he still alive?"

    She reacted "He is still alive, but sidelined like the rest of the old gard. For the younger ones. Or does that sounds too negative, does it?"

    Never ever heard this kind of reactions from a most peacefull person.


  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Yes Gorby, the old JWs are sidelined and they know it. Doesn't this demonstrate that a lifetime spent as a JW only leads to gross disappointment?

    All the myriad cosy lies about the superiority of "God's people" kept witnesses loyal and on a short leash but never do their promises ever hold true. What a sad waste of lives-- millions of them.

    Never believe what JWs preach.

  • careful

    It makes you wonder whether the purge of the old ones was for more than just not wanting to pay their medical bills. Maybe they got rid of those in advance who would most have objected to so many of the recent changes?

  • steve2

    A decades-long practice. The old and infirm are no longer useful - in fact, they're a liability

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