An eventful day few year back

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    I'm having a big blue with a couple of elders , it eventually ends up an around table ,5 all together,one a CO. Up until this point I believed in my heart what these guys spoke it was truthful. My trust was diminishing. The story starts like this ,we get a 26 year old person appointed as elder. He and mentor elder decide to do sheparding call on me. As the reverse grilling is accomplished on my part ,I inform new elder that." his wife need whipping into line". Two days later new elders wife says to me "I need whipping into line do I".That how come theirs 5 elders because I charged new elder with breaking confidence by telling wife about sheparding call. At this meeting that they arranged for 5 apostles they forgot to tell me ,so I was late an hour because theses idiots couldn't even arrange a linching. As discussion progressed I made my accusations ,I asked news elder to swear on bible that he didn't talk to wife ,he swore he didn't ,I held bible in my hand and said to CO " only bloke in this book who is right is pontius pilate of because he said" what is truth". I said there is a man present who lied.Then i thought theirs bloody Five in one spot. After that day I knew it was rigged. CO come to my home and told me in no uncertain terms " not to touch ark of covenant " . Couldn't believe my ears he actually referred elders s ark. From that time on I knew we dad class distinctions .

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    Guilty until proven innocent and no right to face your accusers. Those are the rules in the evil empire.

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