A purposeful life can conflict with "truth"

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  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    That life needs a purpose, in my opinion is why many remain witnesses.

    Yet it occurs to me, if only Witnesses could simplify their life, they would regain their sight, look at themselves and see the " miraculous " organisation and the unforseeable future is not as important as enjoying the spring day of today. This is why I have simplified my life. My purpose in life today is simply to play a little football with my son, and appreciate the spring day.

    But of this I am sure, today will be a good day, better than the " purposeful" days I spent in the " miraculous " organisation, living on the a hope of an unforseeable future.

  • pale.emperor

    I agree.

    Looking back over my life the memories that have stuck are the ones were i've spent time with family or friends, did things together and things i've did to entertain others and make them laugh. None of that need be in any religious organization.

  • Ruby456

    a purpose can be to love reality - simple reality - this is me today, each day is new and different and good. be like Jehovah who looked at the unusual extra-ordinary world he had created and said it is good. that philosophy holds good and true today

  • stuckinarut2

    Well said!

    The sad reality is that witnesses "outsource" their life goals and plans to the "society.

    If they were asked to honestly plan their own lives, they would not know where to start!

  • rebelfighter

    Time slips by so quickly in life but the memories you cherish. Mine are all centered around my children and now my two little grandkids are adding some new memories plus all the memories from my most cherished activity which is charity work and all the kids we helped.

    PS grandchild #3 is on it's way.

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