The Complete Conversations With God an uncommon dialogue.

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  • Charles Gillette
    Charles Gillette

    I was just given this tomb to read by a co-worker and was wondering has anyone read this book, actually three books in one.

    If so, what are your thoughts on it. Written by Neal Donald Walsh. 726 pages!


  • steve2

    Let’s hope it was a tome and not a tomb - hate to see you buried by such a large book. 🤥

  • fukitol

    JWs would say he was a spirit medium and its all to be avoided like the plague. Atheists would say its pure fiction and balderdash to make money from naive and gullible people.

    There's dozens of authors who claim to have penned stuff from the spirit realm or some non-earthly entity, from Edgar Cayce to Ruth Montgomery to more modern, new age authors.

  • Ireneus

    Guidance is available in the Book of Nature which means God is in no need of providing guidance through other means:

    1) Sun, an average-sized star among many other stars of varying size, teaches: lead a life of moderation, avoid extremes

    2) Earth's orbiting around sun is almost circular (rather than elliptical) which ensures consistent reception of energy from sun, It teaches to live consistently, always true to our nature of being humane

    3) Everything is held by gravitational force which is the strongest force, yet very soft in its dealing. It teaches us to be strong in our love towards truth, and be soft in our dealing with others.

    What else do we need from the Book of Nature?

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