Connect with people in Nova Scotia?

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  • Nicodemus Kathoplizo
    Nicodemus Kathoplizo


    My family and I have recently awakened after watching the ARC, reading CoC etc. We are feeling quite alone out here, and are looking for a group for Bible study. We now identify as Christians, and are looking for some association with exJWs out here.



  • Scully


    It's been a long time since I've lived in NS, but I would be interested in hearing your family's story of learning The Truth About The Truth™.



  • Giordano

    Hi........ back at you. About 60 % of us no longer believe in god or his son or the bible......... Others do.

    We debate issues that have to do with the Societies failures and not that much about their theology.

    On a personal level I want you to be comfortable here but also understand that a lot of people have been abused by the Elders and the WTBT$. But It can get rough with destroyed families etc.

    Can't say if a BS has any interest. But would encourage you to explore the subjects we Are discussing like the pedophile issue with the Society

    The Beroean Pickets may be a better fit for you as bible scholarship and past association with the JW'S is aa motivation there......... check out my best to you and your family!

    But for laugh out loud........ did I actually believe that WT shit.......... this is a great place for rough and tumble!


  • steve2

    Hi Nicodemus,

    This site is a safe venue for sorting through what you personally believe versus the Watchtower baggage - and that means you may or may not find kindred spirits in your beliefs.

    There are websites for exJWs who still believe the Bible is the word of God - but I have not had a need to check them out so cannot vouch for their value or even know their site names.

    There is a poster on this forum, Perry, who identifies as a Christian - a decent, fair-minded man - so if he notices your thread, he'll no doubt post.

    Apart from that, you're most welcome to browse - you will notice a range of views, most leaning towards agnosticism and athiesm - with quite a few posters who are more liberal in their opinions with the bulk who are warmly welcoming and endeavoring to be non judgmental of others who post with different views . At times there can be vigorous debates but for the main part well within the posting guidelines.

    I find this a very accepting forum but acknowledge it may not be to the taste of individuals who perhaps seek a "replacement" group for their emerging religious beliefs.

    Best wishes, steve .

  • PaintedToeNail

    Hi, not in Nova Scotia, but welcome to you and your family.

  • talesin

    Hi, Nova Scotian here.  Check your personal messages. At the top of your screen, there's a green box with a white envelope, and it should show the number of PMs you have. Click on that envelope.

    Welcome to the board, it's good to see a fellow Bluenoser. : )

  • Stirred

    Hello Nicodemus,

    I'm in th U.S. Welcome to the forum and the next chapter in your lives. Just glean what you need or are interested im knowing more about and don't realize some are pretty raw here. Nothing personal.

    Wishing you all the best in your pursuits to rebuild a support network and renewed life.


  • Nicodemus Kathoplizo
    Nicodemus Kathoplizo

    Nice to meet you all.

    We realize that there are many different views out there! We are getting used to the fact ppl outside the org are not all bad, and that we have to make individual decisions about each person.


    We woke up after watching Geoffrey Jackson twisting and slithering on the stand at the ARC. It brought back many doubts that I had from the past that I began to really research for the first time. 607 is a huge one. We also started reading many different Bible translations and started to see the manipulation of the NWT to ensure control and to support JW doctrines.

    Giordano steve2

    Thanks for the suggestions and welcome! I think we are all united in wanting to see this thing burn to the ground! It has chewed up and spat out way too many innocent people. I am absolutely done with worshiping hte GB and the org. It is amazing how giving for Jehovah almost always involves giving to the org!

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