Love is Greater than Hate

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  • Coded Logic
    Coded Logic

    This week has been a really difficult past couple of days. Waking up to the news on Sunday that some jihadist jackass had slaughtered so many of my LGBT brothers and sisters left me reeling and in tears. We're a community with common cause and a common struggle and it's immensely painful to see the loss of so many young and beautiful lives.

    I think this kind of solidarity is something everyone understands - gay or straight. But something many straight people might not have consider is the importance of having gay clubs in our communities. For many of us, it’s the only place we feel that we can really be ourselves. It’s the only place where we can hold hands or kiss our partner without getting fifty sideways looks or hearing whispers. It’s the only place where we can give a compliment to someone we find attractive without worrying about getting punched in the face. And for those like me who grew up in a deeply homophobic religion - it was the first place we ever found people who accepted us . . . for us.

    To call a gay club a “sanctuary” is not a hyperbole. It’s so much more than a dance club or a singles club or a place to relax and drink a beer. It’s also a home of acceptance. A fortress of tolerance. And a beacon hope. It's the idea that when you come here you don't have to worry about the discomfort of phobia of others. You can just be . . . you. No act. No pretense. No hiding. And that’s what makes the terrorizing events of Sunday morning just that much more horrific. Because - in the one place where we thought it was safe to be ourselves - someone visited upon us the worst shooting in US history.

    That night here in Sacramento we held a vigil for those who were injured and for those who died. I didn’t know how but I hoped we would begin to heal and find a way to regain some semblance of safety . . .

    (me on the left)

    . . . and then I heard the rant yesterday by Pastor Roger Jimenez about how, “The real tragedy is more of them didn’t die.”

    What a hate filled religious little troll I thought to myself. He’s probably some nobody with a congregation of like ten people in the backwaters of Missouri or Alabama or something . . . (Google) . . . wtf? - he lives here in Sacramento? . . . wtf! His church is right up the street from me? . . . WTF! His congregation is standing by what he said and he’s holding a sermon on the topic tonight!!!!!

    It was short notice but at least a hundred of us showed up and protested out in front of the church. We chanted, “Se-pa-rate church-and-hate” and “We are one pulse” (after the name of the club). We sang songs about love. And we held hands and read allowed the names of the forty-nine victims.

    It was nice to see so many Christians there supporting the LGBT community and saying they don’t condone hate. The religion, as a whole, has come a long ways. I know there’s still a lot of bad ideas and intolerance but I genuinely do hope they continue their trend of moving towards humanist values.

    On Sunday we’re going to protest again. But as we actually have time to organize and it’s on a weekend our group will be a lot larger. Already 800 people have signed up to come. And if any of you are in the area and want to speak out against hate I hope you will come too. We're all still hurting and your moral support would be much appreciated.

    For everyone else on this forum, I’ll try to keep you posted and let you know how it goes And please never be a spectator to intolerance or bigotry. Speak up. Speak out. It may not change the behavior of aggressor but it means the world to those who are marginalized when they realize they're not fighting alone.

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen

    Wow. It's hard to imagine how you would feel right now, but you put it down in writing very eloquently.

    At some level some of us might know part of the feeling of having to hide your true identity and feelings as awake/former JW, but for us is only when we're around dubs. You have to do that at some level always and everywhere you go...except there were you would feel safe. And know your safe haven has been attacked and compromised as well.

    I hope the protest rally is a success: love trumps hate.

    Hug from across the big pond.

  • GrreatTeacher

    Wow. Thank you for taking the time to write out a very thoughtful post and sharing it with us.

    Good on you for standing up to hate and intolerance. I wish you the best of luck on your Sunday protest.

    God only knows what draws people to pastors like that. I hope that some of the flock has the courage to walk away from that church and join you on Sunday.

  • Coded Logic
    Coded Logic

    I hope some of the members do start questioning the hate they're hearing from the pulpit. As the service was starting we saw a lot of kids and teens being taken inside. Really sad :(

  • millie210

    Wonderfully put thoughts Coded and so very nice to put a face to the name.

  • kaik

    I hope you will get enough crowd to demonstrate against this temple of hate.

  • Xanthippe

    CL I'm so sorry this tragedy has made you feel unsafe. It's a miserable state of affairs when people can't feel safe meeting friends in a bar. I agree we should speak up against bigotry and intolerance. Take care.

  • redpilltwice

    I wish you and the whole community strenght CL...may the whole world be a "home of acceptance" one day.

  • Zoos

    I think after the dust settles this event will trigger a national conversation.

    Regarding the preachers of hate - “The real tragedy is more of them didn’t die” - I say give them a bullhorn and let them run loose. While people like that will always find a niche audience to nod in support, the vast majority of society, CIVILIZED SOCIETY sees them for the monsters they are and it only serves our best interests in the long run. Let them speak as loudly as they wish while we sit back and watch them systematically dismantle their own foundation out from under themselves.

    Religion is neutered and toothless. They're too stupid to know they're doing it to themselves.

    Best of success with your protest.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Great OP, Coded Logic.

    The killer and Jimenez are complete scum.

    Love is Greater than Hate - great sentiment and I hope it's true. But hate is a very powerful emotion.

    Unfortunately, some people in this world love and others hate.

    P.S. - like the photo.

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