Religion: Overselling and Under Delivering

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  • Simon

    If you've worked in any kind of business where one group of people sells things that another group has to deliver as a service, you inevitably run into problems. This is especially true in IT services where poor sales people over-sell things. That is, they can't sell 6 months of work but they can sell 3 months of work or throw in some other promises ... so they do ... and some techy person then gets landed with an impossible task and is viewed as under delivering while the sales-person gets a bonus for their great sales job unless their management is savvy enough (they never are). People selling widgets would never get away with halving the price to make a sale but because it's "services" it's easier to disguise what is happening.

    (The solution is to not have such a clean separation and tie evaluation of the sales person's role into successful delivery)

    But it got me thinking ...

    The WTS and JWs are effectively just another company selling a product - this time it's religion and their belief system and lifestyle. It's often a hard sell because, well, it's a bad product. There are already way more popular and better branded household names on the market for anyone who's looking for that kind of thing that people tend to chose instead.

    So the WTS, being the poor-rate sales people they are, did what all poor-rate sales people do when they can't sell something - they started promising extras. Not only do you get the lifestyle and beliefs, now you'll also get paradise ... and not just till the end of your life, no, until the end of time !!!

    Of course they don't need to deliver, that's the service delivery teams fault (god).

    When even that became a hard sell they created JW-lite, all the same promises but now with only half the commitment!

    Like over-promised IT projects that always end in failure (and with all the money long gone of course) so too religion will always be a disappointment and not what buyers were promised, many never realizing that the price they pay is the life they otherwise had to enjoy.

  • donny

    Great post Simon,

    If the Society were a real company they would have filed for bankruptsy years ago!

  • Heaven

    Religion is legalized fraud.

  • dothemath

    The goal posts keep on moving.......I've lost count now how many times.

    i think they would prefer the next generation to forget all the failures, and to not "over-lap" at all.

  • konceptual99

    They are also an organisation constantly having to sell to existing customers. Like a mobile phone provider they have to keep coming up with stuff to stop you going elsewhere.

    You look at all the videos that have been produced for the RC. That's a heck of a lot of time and money there. Whose benefit is it for? New customers? Nope - it's all for existing subscribers.

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