Is anyone following the Josh Duggar trial?

by Biahi 3 Replies latest watchtower child-abuse

  • Biahi

    He is accused of downloading kiddie porn on his work computer, and was caught by the feds. Now he is facing 20 or 25 years in prison on each count. What I find interesting, is the common. Threads running from these fundies and the JW’s. Trying to claim “clergy-penitent” privilege from testimony of a woman who was NOT an elder in their church, because women can’t be elders. Also, his dad, Jim Bob Duggar, “can’t recall” details about his daughters being molested by Josh. His son clearly takes priority over his victimized daughters. Let me know your thoughts…

  • punkofnice

    Being in the UK, it's not a name I know.

    It seems the UK Police are seeing a few predators from their own ranks put in the dock recently. Bloody filth that they are. These are the ones that should be spotless when it comes to crime. Often here, the Police are the most corrupt filth. I don't think they're particularly intelligent, just goons and a mob that are afraid of real conflict. They'd sooner go after someone who hurt a snowflakes feelings on twatter rather than tackle real crime...most of which they're committing themselves.

    You can't trust anyone in 2021...not a single person at all.

    Let me know your thoughts

    Those with an agenda will sway it their way somehow. Whether they pillory him or hold him up as a hero, beware the lies of the MSM.

    I hear that in America the MSM actually influence juries. Please let it not be true.

  • Biahi

    The Duggar’s had a reality show called “19 Kids and Counting”. They had a large family due to their fundie Christian beliefs of not using birth control. Their oldest son, Josh, is 33 years old, and has admitted to being a hypocrite, he has a wife and 7 kids, and has a porn addiction, and also cheated on his wife. All this while working as a Washington lobbyist, for some “conservative Christian” organization. They claim to be very good Christians, but you know, hate gays etc. His parents have the 19 kids. Most are now grown, and some have embraced new ideas, like women wearing pants, or even shorts. Some have tried alcohol.

  • Biahi

    Well, if anyone is interested, Josh Duggar was found guilty today, December 9, 2021. It seems like these “conservative Christian “ groups have a lot in common. Child victims don’t matter, but the reputation of them and the cult.

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