chronic urticaria - how long will this last

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  • Panda

    Does anyone on this list suffer from chronic urticaria? I've had this since Feb 1999. I've been to doctors and clinics in 2 states and 2 countries. I've had biopsies, allergy tests, blood tests (until even a vampire would pass me up for lack of blood)

    But really this illness has come close to driving me crazy. I've spent a year on prednisone, and it works at high doses. Otherwise I'm on a cocktail of antihistamines which don't control the hives but keeps them from getting as bad as they can be.

    I feel like my body has betrayed me just when I started having FUN>>>>

  • Odrade

    PM me


  • blondie

    I get hives as a specific reaction to certain foods and dermatopic agents. But not chronic. How awful!!!!!

    Here's a support site:


  • Panda

    Blondie, I feel for you too. No matter how often you get hives its very disrupting. I have actually signed onto a list from the same web spot you mentioned. The group is very supportive and that is just about the best any CU sufferer can hope for. Thank you for writing!

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