only christianity can turn people into the most arrogant people

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  • never a jw
    never a jw

    So it is 7:30 am here in California and my dog needs to go out. So I take her out and while I wait for her to be finished my JW neighbor is walking on the sidewalk across the street and quite unexpectedly decides to cross the street towards me. She has her JW bag and magazines in her hands. Since she has never preached to me before, I just didn't think I was a target. Well, I was wrong. So she starts by asking me if I had been to the three day assembly. I responded in a natural voice "No". I was quite ready to pretend to be ignorant of ttatt, to be nice and play along with whatever she said, but I just couldn't hold it. After a short time she tells me: "You should go to the assembly, it is beautiful and wonderful, especially Sunday's meeting, which deals with the last days". This was the point where I had to open my mouth and asked, "Do you believe that we live during the last days". Her anticipated response was "Yes", My retort " I don't". which she followed with a comment "What a pity" ("que lastima" in Spanish) My response, "don't pity me, I pity you". Rather than finish what I wanted to say, I was able to keep to myself the reasons why I pitied her. Nonetheless, she realized then that our conversation was pretty much over, so she said good bye and walked away.

    Does any of you get bother as I do by these arrogant, condescending attitude of Christians who are prompt to pity you for not holding their wacky beliefs. I haven't killed a human yet, but if anything can trigger such a feeling is precisely those words.

  • steve2

    JWs and the many others of their "ilk" are using the manipulative methods of communication that characterize their approach to communication.

    In ordinary nonreligious conversations, people exchange views on a level footing. However, JWs want you to simply listen and accept what they say as True - but increasingly thry can't be bothered taking you step-by-logical-step through why they believe these are the last days.

    So, when you confidently assert you don't believe these are the last days, the JW will not engage you at the level of reason and/or evidence because you'll likely refute it because you're not gullible. Therefore, when they make a parting shot, they add a condescending sting.

    Each time a JW does this, she/he simply shows how out-of-their depth they sre with plsin, simple, non-condescending reasoning.

  • JW_Rogue

    Not true, Islam does a good job of that too I'm sure. LOL I believe that Christianity has done a really good job convincing their adherents that people who question them have some ulterior motives. With JWs it is always assumed that apostates want to go off and live a sinful life or they are too lazy for the preaching work. It could never be that they just don't believe it anymore and can't live a lie. The truth is they don't really care if you have doubts or disagree on certain things as long as you support them.

  • never a jw
    never a jw

    I should have added to the title "... turn the humblest people into the most arrogant people".

    The lady is a poor woman who may have not finished elementary schooling and quite likely gets a good amount of government social assistance. I know that she grew up very poor in a place where there was no electricity or running water. She is as humble as they come, but Watchtower dogma can easily transform her into a patronizing neighbor.

    Rogue: you are right, Christianity is not alone

    Steve: Yep, you nailed it.

  • WTWizard

    Any Jewish, Christian, or Islam religion is self righteous. This is to prevent adherents from cross-examining their brainwashing so they can escape, perhaps right back to the original Pagan religions that actually helped people. These religions also destroy culture (all three of them), hold back science, perpetuate hardship and suffering, and cause people's souls to suffer damnation. They all use fear and guilt to keep people in, and fraud and lies to get people that don't believe in them ensnared. And they keep people that refuse to believe in the lies outside--even slaughtering them--so the truth cannot have an effect on these three lies.

    I strongly believe communism also fits this picture. People in communist countries need to be brainwashed into thinking their system is the best, freedom is bad, and that their lives are paradise. They are cut off from outside information that could lead to other conclusions. They are also worked to death--just as in xian cults and Islam (Judaism also--they are the root of both parties, as can be seen in the LIE-ble and Quran). Christi-SCAM-ity and Islam lead straight to communism.

  • JWdaughter

    People can be self righteous and arrogant. I have seen atheists going on superiority tears here and you all know it. If one wants to be an ass, they don't need to have a religion to be one. This forum has seen a LOT of snippy, superior arrogance from all comers. Believers or not.

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