I need a witness to sharpen my sword.

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  • sleepy

    No I'm not feeling murderous,(well maybe).I just don't get the chance to debate JW issues with any witnesses, and believe I'm starting to forget a lot of the little details andpoints that and weight to an aurgument(607 , blood ,etc).Without JW teachings being at the for front of my mind and being totally relegated to background noise in my head, I hope I will still be up to the challenge when the meeting of Sleepy and JW occurs.

    What do they believe now......Chikens rule the world..

    Anyway send on those witnesses .

  • Jourles

    Hey, I'll play the Watchtower advocate and defend the blood doctrine for you.

    I've got some good defense arguments that I picked up from my mom. Just give me a topic on blood and we can start anytime! Or you can lay out your questions in a bulleted list and I will pick them apart one by one.

  • ballistic

    Well, of course they will tell you that you're off of solid food and in need of milk. What do you expect from an organisation which keeps bringing out new light from a God which changes his mind so often and from a group who are taught not to think but simply "take in and digest."


    Hi Sleepy.

    Maybe you have really progressed, in that, because scriptural and doctrinal concerns from the WTS are not at the forefront of your everyday thinking, you have probably healed psychologically as a result.

    I could be wrong, and I'm no psychologist.

    There are tons of things on the 607 BCE thing. The Search feature on this forum will give you probably about 607 results .

    Tons of resources on-line, not just here as you know, but elsewhere too.

    I'm not too concerned anymore with scriptural issues. It has its place however, and the people who thrive on balancing the bible on their nose, will be more than happy to share any info.

    I will guess you'll get about a km. of information on this thread.

    Otherwise, I hope all is well with you.

    Best wishes,

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