Seed of mind-control could be seen in the word Amen

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  • venus

    Just like naming of days of the week and months are of astrological/pagan origin, the widely used word Amen too is pagan, and has contributed to mind-control.

    Each time we say “Amen” at the end of prayer we may think that we mean only "verily" and "truly". Unfortunately, we overlook something very important. Amen, Amen-Ra is the "most high" Egyptian Solar archetype [Egyptian sun god, known as Amun/Amin/Amen Ra, meaning "the hidden God" and thus, the phrase "Amen" would originally mean "Let it remain hidden/secret."]. So every time when we say Amen, we are paying homage to the solar divinity, the sunlight, the light of the world, verily.

    The very word itself is a combination of A (negative prefix, as in Asexual, or Amorphous designed to bring in a neutralizing effect) and MEN (stemming from the Proto-Indo-European root MEN- "think" (see MIND/MOON etymology). So, Men/ Mens/ ment/ mind/ mentis/ mensis/ menses/ menstrual, …all have their original roots in Egyptian theology, all coming from MIN (mind), the ancient moon god, which relates to our MIN-D, as well as THOTH (hence the word THOUGHT) who was also an ancient Egyptian moon god. Thus when someone says AMEN, he unwittingly means: "I am neutralizing my thinking (I am not for free thinking)" as in, "let it remain hidden/secret" as Amen is the HIDDEN ONE. Positively put, it would mean "so it is," and so shall it be, until we KNOW for a FACT which is at the root of all blind beliefs.

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