October 2016 Campaign

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  • ToesUp
    Invite them to a meeting? That is funny. The damn meetings are a snore fest!
  • ab.ortega
    The damn meetings are a snore fest!

    Meetings in paradise.

  • freddo


    And to add ...

    Here is just one of the WT titles and brief description for October. (For all those extra attendees!)

    Study article for October 24th - 30th

    "Do Not Let Your Hands Drop Down"

    Based on Old Testament rubbish about Moses lifting a stick and how as long as he did so Jehovah would help him fight those pesky Amalekites. Don't drop that stick folks or Jehovah will let you fail!

    That'll get 'em coming back for more.

  • millie210
    Or ... imagine they go completely nuts and decide to beam in a talk from HQ and they get Steven Lett gurning all over the place!

    Absolutely the funniest thing I have read today freddo!

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