New song I am writing about Jehovah Witnesses called, "The Cosmic Joke"

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  • Greybeard

    The Cosmic Joke

    You made me your enemy

    Because I told the truth

    There is no going back

    To the lies of my youth

    Isaiah forty-four

    Verse twenty six

    Key word is predictions

    Your “truth” does not mix!

    Predictions and Prophecies

    From the “mouthpiece” of your God

    Traversing land and sea

    Slaving for a fraud

    You shut the door

    To the Kingdom of Heaven

    Filling your minds

    With judgmental leaven

    Promoting fear

    Knocking on doors

    The judgments you have spoken

    Will soon be yours

    You trust your masters

    You take their medications

    Rejecting The Tree of Life

    Found in Revelations

    Revelation twenty-two

    Verse number two

    The leaves of the tree’s

    Are here for healing YOU

    66 books in the book

    You pass around

    That is the number

    Thats going to take you down

    The stones are crying out

    With writings from the past

    You gave them all your Gold

    For paper you holdfast

    The cosmic joke

    Is certainly on you

    All of your predictions

    Have failed to come true!

  • Truthexplorer
    nice song grey beard
  • cha ching
    cha ching

    Hi again GrayBeard! Nice to see you back! You are such a good songwriter & guitarist, my husband and I feel privileged to have heard your first vid before you took it back :-(

    I hope you make it up to Tahoe next year with Ray Publisher!

    Cha Ching & Hubby

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