JW org doesn't need to make propaganda videos, their own members make them.

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  • adjusted knowledge
  • moreconfusedthanever

    Yes they do. I have family that share these on their Facebook pages.

  • smiddy3

    What is it about Jehovah`s Witnesses that they delight in the destruction of their fellow human beings and have no empathy towards those who suffer loss of their loved ones ?

    And they have proved by their treatment of their own flesh and blood in disowning and shunning of children by parents and the shunning of parents by children and siblings shunning siblings.

    And these are not isolated cases this is the norm in the religion of Jehovah`s Witnesses.

    All because one or the other does`nt want to be one of Jehovah`s Witness anymore

    Rom.1:31 describes them this way " they have no natural affection"

    I could`nt describe it any better.

  • stuckinarut2

    Well said smiddy!

    Yes, witness almost take delight in seeing catastrophic events unfold, as it gives them some sort of boost that "the wicked last days are here"

    Schadenfreude? Hmmm...🙄

  • Incognito

    Many JWs have a very pessimistic outlook on life. They seem to only focus on negative events and hardly mention or have enjoyment when things are good. Both my long term JW family and LT JW in-laws display the same views.

    When we had announced we are having a baby, my family's reaction was "Oh NO!" This is the typical reaction with any good news.

    All the in-laws talk about is how 'bad' everything is. They are terrified of going anywhere much beyond d2d and attempt to transfer that outlook on us. We suggest they stop watching the news since it affects them so negatively.

    Being a JW is not about enjoying life now. Life can only truly be enjoyed in the 'New System', after the cleanup work is completed. The time now is more something that must be endured, so they can do what is needed to prove their faith and earn god's favor to make it through into the 'New System'.

    When things are going well, it seems they experience too much cognitive dissonance, thereby opening doubt that Armageddon will ever come. They are told the world is a rotten place and will not improve until god takes control. When seeing disasters and negative events, that seems to boost their hope that will be the start to God's rule.

    While JWs claim they don't believe in hell after death, their approach to life is somewhat as if hell is what is endured now, with every disaster and negative event only serving to enforce that approach to life.

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