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  • Atlantis

    I was asked post this for MacHislopp. Cookie thief!


    MacHislopp writes:

    I went through some of my database statistics - Publishers - from over 50 years and I've prepared a topic entitled:


    2017- Av Publishers 8248982
    n° of Baptisms 2018-8360594----281744




    Total Increase Av Publ. 175.173
    Tot n° BPT--979537

    (A) and (B)
    Total Increase Average Publishers in the 4 years period (2018-2021) (A) 4 years = 175.173 or 43.793/ avg publ./year increase Total N° of Baptisms in the 4 years period (2018-2021) ( B) 4 years = 999. 537 or 249.884/ n° of Baptisms/year.

    The difference in the totals (B) and (A) equal to 824.364 (C) shows an average of 206.091 baptized publishers missing for the 4 years period!

    Conclusion :
    The number of the Total Average Publishers in the year 2017 is 8.248.982 and if you add the total number of baptisms, -from 2018 to 2021 - the Grand total arrives to 999.537 baptized publishers increase for the same period.

    This should have given a new total for the Average Potential Publishers equals to 9.248.519 !!

    Yet the grand totals figures for the year 2021 are given as Total Average Publishers as : 8.424.155 ! This great difference in the Total Average Publishers of 206.091/year begs the question :

    What happened to the Total Average Publishers - 219.996 for each year-for the 4 years period - 2018- 2021 - ?? Where are they ? Inquisitive minds would like to know about this Great Number of missing brothers and sisters !!!

    Many thanks,
    JC MacHislopp
  • Listener

    For each given year they do not publish the figures for

    - the number that have become inactive (inactive due to various reasons such as dfd)

    - the number that have died

    - the number that have become active again

    - the number that have become active but not baptised

    Therefore, given the figures that are given, there are a great number that have either died or become inactive.

  • Atlantis


    Listener is correct, and please remember:

    The Tower can not give you an accurate number in those Grand Totals.

    I mentioned that Headquarters has already admitted that they did not even know how many Kingdom Halls existed in the United States.

    Please notice what is said in this video. (2017-Video From Headquarters. If anyone wants the entire video, just throw a cracker at me in a pm.)


  • FFGhost

    Are you factoring in deaths of JWs? There would close to or even over 100,000 JWs deaths per year in a population of 8 million plus, given that "true believers" tend to skew older.

    Add in 10's of thousands of disfellowshippings per year and folks becoming "inactive" and there doesn't seem to be too much mystery.

  • MacHislopp

    Hello everyone,

    allow me to thank you for your comments, quite on target.

    I would leke to add that the reason for digging more on the subject

    was from an older article published by the Society ...48 years ago!

    Please take note ot the Society's Governing Body remarks made concerning

    » ...our brothers and sisters are trying to show faith without any works? ».

    ** yb74 pp. 254-255 Is Your Faith Dead or Alive?

    James said, “Faith, if it does not have works, is dead in itself.” (Jas. 2:17) Having now read the Yearbook, can you say that Jehovah’s Christian witnesses world wide have faith that led them into action? Their faith is certainly not a lifeless thing. All true Christians must show that their faith is a live faith, because “faith without works is dead.” (Jas. 2:26) One’s faith must show up through work in some way. How? Look at the results with 193,990 persons being baptized last year. Jehovah’s witnesses were doing what Christ Jesus directed his disciples to do, make more disciples! So their faith shown by works has been productive.

    It is very interesting to note that in the last seven years 949,842 persons were baptized; and in the last 26 years, 2,084,398. These figures say something to us. At the close of the year 1966 there were 1,118,665 publishers who were sharing in the Kingdom service, and since then there have been another 949,842 persons baptized. So today, if we make allowance for those who have died, which normally runs to about one percent per year, still we should have nearly two million persons who could be preaching the good news.

    The Yearbook report shows there was a peak in publishers of 1,758,429 out in the field in 1973. So that is approximately 250,000 short of two million. Think of James’ words again: “Of what benefit is it, my brothers, if a certain one says he has faith but he does not have works?” (Jas. 2:14) Remember, he is talking to those who have dedicated their lives to God and are baptized. He is addressing his words to “my brothers.” Are we to assume that about 250,000 of our brothers and sisters are trying to show faith without any works? It is something to ponder over.

    The Society’s records show that 2,084,398 persons were baptized in the last 26 years. Add to that the publishers who were in the field service the previous year, 1947, namely, 207,552, and that gives you a total of 2,291,950 persons. Allowing for the death of about 225,000 persons, at the usual rate of one percent each year, are we to say that since 1947 there have been over three hundred thousand brothers and sisters who have gone out in the field service at some time or other since their dedication and baptism and are now trying to show Jehovah and others their faith without works? James says: “Faith divorced from deeds is lifeless as a corpse.”—Jas. 2:26, NE.


    Conclusion : The reasons... starting with death of many member/year, maby

    dissociated, many disfellowshipped and other fadaed...(including the inactves)

    the real facts of life shows that hundreds of thousands baptizedJehovah's

    Witnesseare...missing and no longer « active publishers » in their congregation.

    And the period I did choose, was the last 4 years , from 201/ to 2021 included

    It is also very ironical that the Society's Governing Body added..48 years ago

    the comment : « It is something to ponder over. »

    Greetings to eveyone,

    JC MacHislopp

    PS Many thanks to Atlantis for stepping in to help me.

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