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    The realization of a dream

    Who knows me knows that I have always loved to sing. Since I was a child, my love for singing and music made me always hum and accompany songs on radio and TV. I came to have some possibilities to enter the musical career, but unfortunately, because I was raised in the Jehovah's Witnesses cult, my desires and dreams were drowned out and destroyed.. However, the desire to record a CD with covers of songs that I like always accompanied me. I arrived a few years ago to do a test in a studio, having recorded a few songs. You can see an example here:

    https: //

    I think it's time to realize the dream of recording and editing a CD, if possible with your help. CD Covers The CD will have at least 12 tracks sung for me, with songs that I believe you love. From songs by Frank Sinatra, Michael Bublé, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Elvis Costello, Elton John, Elvis Presley, Rui Veloso, Paulo Gonzo, among others. In fact, they are timeless songs that refer to beautiful lyrics and great melodies.


    The crowdfunding will have a minimum value of 1250 euros for the project to materialize. Music recording requires very high cost material so that the final product is of quality. And in addition to recording, there are the mixing and mastering (editing) processes that are part of the complete CD production procedure. In this case, the studio is promoting a price that involves the whole process (turn-key type)! At least 100 copies of this edition will be recorded.

    Crowdfunding Campaign:

    February 15th to 15th March 2019.

    CD Release:

    To be announced.


    After the recording and editing, I will later send the CD to all those who contribute the minimum value for CD (12.50 euros). To do so, they will have to send me proof of the transfer of this value (or higher), together with the data for sending by mail or digital media (in case of living outside Portugal).

    To those who can not contribute with this value I will be equally grateful. Any amount will be equally appreciated!

    An alternative way of giving support:

    If someone wants to contribute but can not do so by crowdfunding, please contact me in private, and you can donate/purchase the CD by bank transfer. If you can not contribute monetarily, there is another way to help me!

    Share this campaign with your friends and family and spread the word!

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    Good luck with this post T.J.C.

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