Was this an old J.W.'s joke?

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  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    A zealous J.W. related this to me a few days ago;

    On a recent visit to Austria, they noticed (and photographed) this very out-of-place picture hanging on a wall in a K.H..

    When they asked about it, they were told that an old brother had died and left it to the congregation - asserting that it was very valuable and requesting that it be hung in the Kingdom Hall. Just wonder what C.O.'s thought of it.

    The J.W. then told me that the sooner the LDC visits the KH and sees it - and then removes it - the better.

    According to the internet, the original painting is hanging in an Austrian museum. http://www.art.co.uk/products/p28050785023-sa-i12092971/pompeo-return-of-the-prodigal-son-1773.htm

    Which begs the question, did the deceased J.W. have a laugh at the expense of the org? :)

    Maybe someone can provide a "new light" on the subject.

  • Lostandfound

    If the painting is of any value, the LDC will have it sold before you can say “money on the wall”

  • steve2

    If the painting is as valuable as it is claimed to be, is it covered by insurance against loss or theft? Who could afford the insurance premiums? Is it held securely or does a would-be thief just need to bust a door to get to it?

    At most it is likely a reproduction of the one in "an Austrian museum".

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