Pinch Point

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  • Solzhenitsyn

    As JW Elders what were the biggest frustrations we personally had?

    I hated rank and file members who I couldn't humble.

  • smiddy3

    As a MS I hated elders who tried to manipulate R&F members .

    One in particular comes to mind.

  • punkofnice

    The new wave of circuit overseers. They were arrogant company men. Full of their own importance. Scrounging scumbags that wanted the best of everything. Craving rock star status. More interested in why the congregation hadn't given enough money to the American paedophile loving corporation. No love of the JWs. Lovers of them selves.

    Rant over.

  • Zilgee

    And who bore the brunt of the frustrations? Family or friends?

  • iwantoutnow


    1. Other elders who thought they were genius' but could not speak coherently, wanted public talks and assembly parts but would NEVER do a last minute Bible Highlights cuz that was to hard.

    2. Elders who made elders meetings go an extra hour just because they had to hear themselves talk.

    3. Elder who already made their minds up in a Judicial Meeting and would of course dub themselves as the right hand of god - cuz we cant tolerate a 19 year old girl having sex.

    4. Elders who thought they were HotShit but at Elders School would proudly lift their arms to answer a simple question, and GET IT WRONG. Then go back to the congregation all puffed up.

    5. ANYONE ELDER who during a talk (especially at an assembly) who said something extemporaneously (cuz they just had outline notes anyway and didnt really prepare so it was all extraneous) get a compliment then GO OUT OF THEIR WAY to talk about HOW THEY DONT KNOW WHY THEY SAID THAT - and HOW ITS GODS HOLY SPIRIT!

    EVEN WHEN I WAS 100% IN that drove me crazy because what they are saying is that THEY ARE INSPIRED FROM GOD. I told one brother that - and he was a real arrogant bastard - and said we should all write what he said down cuz we may have to add it to the bible since it was inspired. He didnt appreciate that:)

    I have many more:)

  • Jazzbo

    The monumental ignorance of many of the flock who didn't know even JW doctrine much less any broader view of theology, history or much of anything else but viewed themselves as vastly superior to any none Witness they met and who could all sing the "we are really wonderful" song with great gusto and persistence.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut
    I hated rank and file members who I couldn't humble.

    Someone who is hating congregation members who wouldn't allow you to humiliate them isn't exactly what one would think of as being humble.

    Who was having a problem with humility here? You or them?

  • LongHairGal


    Thanks for the inside picture. I could sense there were elders who were hung up on their position.

    Before I did my ‘fade’ and was on my way out of the JW religion, I wouldn’t even greet or talk to any of the elders. They couldn’t understand or relate to my life and I wasn’t interested in any conversation with any of them!

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