Snakes image in illustration in WT study just done

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  • Noumenon

    I was at the meeting on Sunday just gone (first time in about 5 weeks), and being a lot more attentive to detail these days, I noticed in the illustration of Jacob and his sons (page 20 of June 15th Watchtower) on the wall behind the old Jacob there is what is clearly a bird with wings spread, but have a look at it's nec and head? It looks more like a coiled serpent with large wings than a bird!

    More sneaky images of snakes and S's (Sssatan the original Ssserpent)?

    Or am I being paranoid after having viewed on websites all these so called subliminal images in WTS publications?

    NB - and check out the smiling elder on the next page...look at those eyebrows...if you drew some fangs on him he'd pass for a great Dracula.

  • shamus

    I wish I could see it, but I don't get that drivel anymore.

    Actually, I'm extremely glad that I cannot see it. You should stop going to meetings and you;ll be a lot more happier...

    no more hypocrisy

    no more idiots

    no more worrying / guilt

    no more kindumb songs that were written long ago by men.

    I strongly suggest that you end going to that cult hall.

    Are they doing that? Probably not, but, again, I can't see the pictures.

  • Noumenon

    Whatever Shamus. I take offence at being told to stop going to meetings just as much as I resent being told by the Organisation to keep going to them. If I so choose to attend the occassional meeting what's it to you?

  • Panda

    Dearest Neum, I'm really glad that you can share your experiences here, personally it's just plain great to follow everyones lives and decision making process'. I hope you'll continue your openess!

    "Our day will come old friend, just not today."

  • unique1

    I am deathly terrified of snakes. You think that is why ?

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