Brooklyn WT Building sells for $340 million usd

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  • Sanchy
    It seems they sold the Brooklyn headquarters building for $340 million. This according the an article here.
  • blondie

    Do you mean the old Squibb building on Columbia Heights?

  • blondie
  • TheWonderofYou

    The millions of manhours of voluntary work that has been performed by human slaves of the watchtower societey N.Y. to maintain this building in work and in beauty over the years, should not be forgotten.

    Therefore the new owners of the house should be urged to fix a table in the foyer bearing the inscription:

    "This house was refurnished by slave workers of Jehovahs witnesses and served through slaves effort as headquarter of JW, controlling the slave worker habitat, slave worker manufactury and slave worker control center called faithful slave resort what ever"

    Or a part of the immense sum should be dedictated to the national slave workers' fundation to pay out retirement or health care for non identifiicable voluntary workers.


    Okay it was bought years ago and now it was sold. Thats all, keep cool. who cares.

  • littlerockguy

    LOL @ —and known for its iconic, red Watchtower sign—

    Love the irony in how they use the word "iconic" in the article,


  • pepperheart
    Oh thats good news they will be able to get some money from the family silver why i say good news is because once that money is gone its gone
  • AndersonsInfo

    The photo of the headquarters of the Watch Tower in the article is the building I worked in for nearly eleven (11) years. If walls could talk, what stories they would tell!

    I have a little story to tell about the first time I heard about that building I came to work in, known before the WT purchased it as one of the Squibb buildings. In 1959, going house-to-house in Palm Beach, Florida, I met a man who lived in a beautiful waterfront mansion. He told me he just came from a meeting with Nathan Knorr (he actually said, "I just came from a meeting with your boss") in Brooklyn, NY. He told me that the Watch Tower wanted to buy the two Squibb buildings. (He was one of the owners.) I called Joe Anderson at Bethel, who I was engaged to, telling him about the WT's negotiations to buy the Squibb buildings. Was that ever a surprise to him as not many Bethelites suspected that the WT was interested in purchasing those buildings.

    Although the WT did not buy the buildings until ten years later, it was fun back then to know something about what was going on in the private business world of WT leaders. Little did I dream back in 1959 that I would end up in 1982 as a volunteer working at the building that became the WT headquarters when it was renovated in the 1970s.

    I have so many memories from those years at Bethel and quite a number of things I learned about while working at 25 Columbia Heights, I'm happy to say, have helped many a JW out of the organization.

    It was here that I learned all about the WT's hidden child abuse problems and I'm thankful to this day that it was possible for me to go public about this horrible mess some 14 years ago. Like I said, "If walls could talk, what stories they would tell."


  • nowwhat?

    If I'm not mistaken, earlier this the property was expected to bring in close to a billion.

  • OrphanCrow
    nowwhat: If I'm not mistaken, earlier this the property was expected to bring in close to a billion

    Yes, but that was when the deal was to include another site besides the headquarters.

    The 85 Jay Street deal is yet to be closed

    For months there have been rumors that Kushner and LIVWRK would scoop up the headquarters, alongside a developable site at 85 Jay Street, for as much as $700 million. (The partnership was also supposed to include Aby Rosen's RFR Holdings but TRD hears that he is no longer involved.) While the team paid $340 million for the headquarters, they have yet to close on the 35,000-square-foot site at 85 Jay. That is likely to bring in big bucks: the parcel comes with 1.1 million square feet of as-of development rights, meaning they could build something like the supertall towers of 57th Street without a formal approval process.

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