Riles For Jehovah's Witnesses.

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  • Vanderhoven7

    Mark Jones, Ex-Jehovah's Witness, was in for 31 years
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    Pretty much everything that’s fun. Even when I was a committed member, I used to joke with my “brothers and sisters” that if it involves joy and laughter it’s probably against our religion.

    Here’s a list of some that immediately spring to mind, this list is not exhaustive - there are many, many more:

    1. Smoking[1]
    2. Swearing[2]
    3. Sex before marriage[3]
    4. Receive a blood transfusion[4]
    5. Donate sperm[5]
    6. Donate eggs[6]
    7. Use donated sperm[7]
    8. Use donated eggs[8]
    9. Be a surrogate[9] [10]
    10. Celebrating a birthday[11]
    11. Signing a birthday card[12]
    12. Celebrating Christmas[13]
    13. Celebrating Independence day[14]
    14. Celebrating thanksgiving[15]
    15. Celebrating mothers day[16]
    16. Celebrating fathers day[17]
    17. Celebrating Halloween[18]
    18. Salute a flag[19][20]
    19. Own a flag[21]
    20. Take part in competitive sports[22]
    21. Use external sources in bible research[23] [24]
    22. Take part in a bible study group without the Governing Body leaders permission[25]
    23. Play with a Ouija board[26] [27]
    24. Use tarot cards[28]
    25. Watching Harry Potter[29]
    26. Talking to ex-members[30]
    27. Visiting websites that say Jehovah’s Witnesses are wrong[31]
    28. Getting drunk[32]
    29. Being a homosexual[33]
    30. Think that you might be a homosexual[34]
    31. Think homosexuality should be accepted[35] [36]
    32. Disagree with anything printed in a Watchtower magazine[37]
    33. Have an opinion that differs from their Governing Body leaders[38]
    34. Wear tight pants[39] [40]
    35. Gamble[41]
    36. Be alone with the opposite sex[42]
    37. Look at pornography[43]
    38. Own nude art[44]
    39. Take an art class that involves a nude model[45]
    40. Report a Jehovah’s Witness child molester to the police (unless there were TWO witnesses to the assault).[46]
    41. Eat black pudding[47]
    42. Be friends with non-members[48]
    43. Talk to family members who leave the religion[49]
    44. Join the army[50]
    45. Read other religious or “holy” books[51]
    46. (For women) pray out loud in the presence of man without covering her head.[52]
    47. (For women) preach from the platform[53]
    48. (For women) teach a man[54]
    49. (For women) have any authority in the home[55] [56]
    50. Not inform the elders of how many hours they’ve spent knocking on doors each month. (Shepherd The Flock Of God, chapter 4, point 3)[57]
    51. Pursue a career[58] [59] [60] [61]
    52. Vote[62]
    53. Have a political opinion[63]
    54. Watch boxing[64]
    55. Take part in boxing[65]
    56. Take martial arts classes[66]
    57. Kill (even if the person is trying to kill you or your loved ones)[67]
    58. Sing the national anthem[68]
    59. Swear allegiance to a monarch or the country[69]
    60. Own religious icons or statues[70]

    But yet, the Jehovah’s Witnesses will tell you that they have no rules!


    Perhaps you can add to this list

  • SoTrapped

    No dating before youre actually ready for marriage (but it's ok to get baptised well before adulthood), no nightclubs, no military service or celebrating memorial days for veterans, no gambling, even in charity raffles, no singing the national anthem, no celebrating political victories even for things like the abolishment of slavery, no involvement in any kind of protesting/advocacy, no feminism! No rude/dirty jokes, no flirting, don't even think about someone in a sexual way if they're not your spouse, if you're a wife be quiet and mild and happy to serve, if you must have an opinion be very very calm and quiet about lest you overwhelm your poor husband and make him feel inadequate. No attending any worldly gatherings, don't let your kids associate with kids who aren't JW, membership to sports teams discouraged because of unnecessary bad association and you might get too competitive (god forbid!) and distracted from spiritual activities. When planning your education, think about jobs that you can ideally do part time to support your career of pioneering or being a "need greater", or going to Bethel. Don't follow your interests and passions too much because they could distract from the BEST LIFE EVER.

    Im sure I could go on but I'm getting annoyed.....

  • dubstepped

    That's our own pale.emperor, fighting the good fight on Quora. :)

  • Vanderhoven7

    Thanks DS. I was not aware of that. Hope he doesn't mind the extra-Quora publicity.

  • LV101

    Great link/information - thanks. I've read on Quora previously but not really familiar with it.

  • scruffmcbuff

    One of my favourite people on quora

  • Phizzy

    Many damn good Posts by Pale.E on here in the past too !

    Quora is a good place to anti-witness, it will not be seen as an "Apostate" Site by active J.W's. Though I have seen a number of "actives" go on there, get a good arse kicking, and not just from XJW's but the thinking Public, and then they scuttle back to their safe Reddit Closed groups or wherever.

    But, a seed may well have been planted " Why can't I refute what they are saying ? I have the truth", or something similar, and more importantly, it exposes what the JW org is to the thinking public. in other words, a good Anti-witness is given !

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