Any new style Video Funeral yet?

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  • Lostandfound

    The appalling Funeral Outlines over the years quickly skip over the personal details of the deceased, on to the WT advertising and use of the opportunity to mesmerise a captive audience. But is a video of Caleb and Sophia mourning their Grandparents on the way, “we sure miss Grandad but how thrilling his donation example was...” do Sisters gyrate to the music and clap hands, Is the New Light style witness meeting by video on the way, dont bother going to Bro Xs funeral, it on JW.dead broadcasting, with a page up to show his Will bequests to the WT, ranked by amount, 5 star funeral over £10,000 bequest in Will, no bequest a one line mention. So much changed, dead witnesses would be horrified by changes, for the poorer witness with no meney left to WT overlapping online funerals for lots of poor people at once, no individual ceremony. Just get it over and carry on begging

  • days of future passed
    days of future passed

    Funny how you should mention Caleb and Sophia. You may be right about a funeral video - at least in Sophia's future.

    I was appalled at the kid's vid on Jworg that showed Sophia "reaching out" to an old married sister. Sophia had a good time and was glad she "reached out" (It was a terrible vid for several reasons, but I won't go into it)

    The thing is, the next vid showed Sophia and her mom in the old sister's hospital room. Obviously, the sister wasn't going to make it.

    Sophia tearfully asks her mom "why can't Jehovah just make her well?" The mom went into explaining how Jehovah has already done great things for the sister by Jesus's ransom sacrifice. So basically, don't be sad be happy for the sister because you will see her in paradise.

    The funeral would be a nice ending to the story don't you think? Then they could rejoice that the sister gave everything to the WT.

  • Lostandfound

    days of the future.......

    yes I can see it now, perhaps posters could add lines for th script, such as

    Calebs dad to sad son at the sisters funeral “no reason to be sad son, she always go her 10hours in..”

    Sophoas mum to her daughter “...she was so humble, her food cupboards were always empty because she was always first at the donation box..”

    Caleb to his sister “well the good news is she never was let down by Jehovah, he lovingly let her die rather than let her into the New Order”

    Sophia to her friend as they watch the old sisters house being cleared “we are truly vlessed to see all these fine things sold off for the dear brothers at HeadQuarters, they even let us look at them before they sold”

    Calebs father to his wife “Sister dead was truly an amazing example of someone who trusted only in Jeohovah and his Organization, and who no one visited as they too busy in the Lords work, All her bus fare went in the contribution box and she walked evrywhere, never complaining as brothers with cars hurld past her, she has been well rewarded for her faith”

    Calebs mother to her husband ”you know, we never got to see in her house in her lifetime we were so busy doing Jehovahs Will, we are truly blessed now to go through her house and see it now as we pack her stuff up for sale for the WT, He truly does look after his people, especially when they are dead”

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