Dean Hates Bush More Than Kerry Does

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  • George W Bush
    George W Bush

    (2003-08-04) -- Vermont Gov. Howard Dean announced today that he hates President George Bush more than any of his Democrat presidential rivals do, especially Sen. John Kerry.

    "I acknowledge that Senator Kerry has a certain distain for George Bush," said Gov. Dean. "But my hatred for the president is pure, and deep and wide. My rage about him is unfettered, palpable and savage."

    "Americans want to know that the Democrat nominee is no pretender," Gov. Dean added. "Whoever we nominate must really despise George Bush to the core of his being. I am Bush-hate incarnate."

    DNC chairman Terry McAuliffe said today that the party will release the official Bush Loathing Index (BLI) for each Democrat candidate later this week.

  • StinkyPantz

    George are you a JW or XJW and if not, what brought you to this site? I ask because all of your topics have been on political stuff and never religious stuff.

  • George W Bush
    George W Bush
    I ask because all of your topics have been on political stuff and never religious stuff.

    Yes my posts are political. But have you heard of another name on this site more slandered than mine?

    Religion is not a problem for me and I appreciate your concern. If this board stops posting about politics I'll stop posting entirely.

    My goal here is to give a side that isn't liberal and to do it in a manner that doesn't attack or insult anyone. I expect many insults on behalf of my name and I do not mind.

  • Satanus

    A bush hate election platform is a pretty good lampoon. How about abolition of the federal govt as a platform? I can hear it now; the democratic candidate promises that if elected he won't just slim down the federal govt, he'll abolish it, putting even himself out of a job. Most evrything would devolve to the states. Likely the war would fizzle. California would become a part of mexico. Texas would become the american empire - lean and mean. New york would become israeli occupied territory. Heh heh.


  • seawolf


    Shouldn't the topic of this thread be "Dean Hates Me More Than Kerry Does" ??

  • Guest 77
    Guest 77

    Keep'em coming George. By the way, have you ever considered this tactic by Dean is just a farce? We have some local politicians in our community that pull the same stunts, thay act as though they despise each other, yet, they frequently play golf together. Hmmm, politics makes for strange bedfellows.

    Guest 77

  • DakotaRed

    Are we so sure Dean is anti-Bush and hates Bush? Couldn't it just be a case of he actually likes Bush, but feels the need to point out certain shortcomings to make things better?

    We surely wouldn't want to mischaracterize Dean as something he isn't, right?

  • George W Bush
    George W Bush

    Oh I'm sure it's just a ploy. Gov Dean has been extra nice to me lately after I gave him a little spin in Air Force One. Tomorrow he promises to wax my limo.

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