Millionaire Witnesses vs Apostle Matt, Baptist John, Jesus...

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    So I know one should remove his own stick from his own eye before ones self judges another, but I noticed something. It seems that the wealthy Witnesses are the elders, the circuit overseers, the governing body... Are they really different from any other 'worldly' religions or even organizations? I mean look at the jewels the friggen pope wears. And the GB, they get first class dining day in and day out and Barkley pay those that do their laundry and are awstricken just by having seen them. Kinda reminds me of a place called North Korea...

    But getting back on track here. I know an elder at the congregation I used to attend, before getting banned and never having been a witness myself but having studied a lot, I find this odd about him. He has a house worth at least a million dollars, majorly expensive vehicles, his kids get the best 'worldly' education (isn't that frowned upon???!?!?) and drive around in nothing less than the best. Now if I remember correctly Matthew the tax collecter gave everything he had to the congregation and stopped living a luxurious life. John the Baptist, the most righteous imperfect man to have ever exhisted ate honey and berries and lived in the wilderness hated by the wealthy Pharisees. Then there is Jesus, God's only begotten son who never even owned his own house and slept outside and had next to nothing extravagant but the basics to live in his preaching. And we are supposed to follow these God-like mortals that have literally no extra contact with the Ancient of days? I mean sure there was King David, Joseph, and Moses who lived in wealth for a time. But they all lived under the Law before Jesus came and it was a totally different time period. I guess all I am saying is 1John 2:15, James 2:5, Matthew 6:24, 1John 3:17...must I really go on.

    If anyone has anything to add or to say feel free to comment but beware! I will read your comment. 😀👌

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