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  • lrkr

    So I'm cleaning out the attic and I have boxes of WT books. All of the 90's new systemy books, the 60s and 70s prophecy books, some of the 40s and 50s rainbow books, and bound volumes from about 1975-1995.

    I am happy to ship them to anyone that wants them. 2 caveats- you pay shipping, and I'm not digging through them to find anything. If anyone is interested PM me. If not, I'll recycle.

  • joe134cd

    Hey I'm just wondering if you have the original hard cover (1st edition) revelation it's grand climax at hand and the hard cover life how did it get here by evolution or creation.

  • lrkr

    Yes to both I believe.

    Should say- I'm in the lower Hudson Valley of New York.

  • TheWonderofYou

    Wouldnt it be good to have in each country at least one library-collection with all the old rainbow and prophecy books?

    First for archive purposes and fast access in case of persistent deniers of vague bopping around over bible teachings. Secondly for the case that in the millenium you meet princes Franz and Rutherford and we dont know where that will be exactly and you could prepare yourself by prestudying his writings, so you would glance with your knowledge about teachings if you saw them eye to eye, ooh i forgot their heavenly calls but they will be clever enough to use the 24 elder rule to as possiblty to directly access earthly princes and to manifest themselves for all eternity

  • sir82

    Are those "rainbow books" really from the 40's & 50's, or are they from earlier?

    Typically the term "rainbow" is applied to Rutherford's books from the 20's and 30's.

    Those 20's & 30's books can sometimes command pretty high prices on Ebay, but books from the 40's onward are far more common and generally there really isn't much of a market for them.

    Check the copyright dates and if you've got Rutherford's books, you may net a few hundred $$$ by selling them.

  • Tenacious

    I agree with sir82. You can really bring some bank home for older WT publications. The drool coming off these zealous eBayers is funny to see. You would think you were selling gold nuggets. In actuality it's feces covered in a layer of false spiritual food. So sell all the s**t you want!

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