Hi everyone, just signed up here

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  • allelsefails

    Wow, This sounds similar to where I was 5 years ago. I was actually privately reproved by a judicial committee for apostasy (ie - asking questions they can't answer) ... I never knew such a thing was possible .. but that is how it goes (my wife asked me not to get DFd so I ran circles around my answers until they just went with reproof). It does get easier over time and a place like this is a great way to let out the steam you can't around the JW's in your life.

  • flipper

    SAMJ- Very nice to have you here- and welcome to freedom of mind and expression ! You are among friends. Hang in there, take care, Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • scratchme1010

    Welcome to the forum, don't count on me to stay a JW.

  • steve2

    Nice to have you here Samj. Take your time. There's no rush to work "it" out - in fact, a sense of urgency simply stirs up the water, making everything so much murkier .

    Your wife is a worry - reading between the lines, there seems to be a mutual lack if love and goodwill between you. I suspect some of what you have done or are doing behind her back would devastate most spouses, JW or not - but that may be my over-reading what you have written. Not everyone in the world is out to shag the next available woman or man, despite what the organization says!

    Stay here awhile. You may not necessarily find a substitute for organisational "Truth" but you'll find a range of people who are in general level-headed, take you seriously and are wise minded .

  • MominAustin

    I was baptized at 15 too

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