Spinochordodes tellinii and Fundamentalism

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  • peacefulpete


    One heck of an analogy for Fundamentalism.

    The nasty critters enter the brain of Grasshoppers and crickets to inject proteins that control its behavior. When the nasty is done with its host it induces it to jump into water and drown where it then leaves the host to reproduce. I'm not the first to see the parallel with how Fundamentalism works in the lives of those controlled by it. This not intended to be insulting but sympathetic. How do you feel about the hapless grasshopper?

  • peacefulpete

    Just too provocative? Just too gross? OK sorry.

    The basic idea is that memes evolve in a way similar to genes. Religions (viewed as memes) only perpetuate if they modify behavior that would threaten the survival of the religion. Inducing thought control through group pressure or through fear of outside/contradicting information is a basic characteristic of successful religions and is especially evident in Fundamentalist groups. These memes are transmitted to others by contact and spreads through means analogous to a viral or parasitic infection.

  • peacefulpete

    Didn't the WT self identify as Locusts/grasshoppers from Revelation? lol just pointing out the analogy.

  • blondie

    peacefulpete, amazing comparison of real life and what the WTS has said about the locusts in Revelation (and Joel 2).

    (BTW I have not looked at the "new" WTS view on who the locusts are)



    2:1-10, 28—How has the prophecy about the invasion by insects been fulfilled? There is no record in the Bible of an insect invasion of the land of Canaan of the magnitude described in the book of Joel. Therefore, the assault Joel describes is apparently pictorial of the time in 33 C.E. when Jehovah started to pour out his spirit upon early followers of Christ and they began preaching the message that tormented false religious leaders. (Acts 2:1, 14-21; 5:27-33) It is our privilege to share in a similar work today.

    Revelation Climax book (Revelation 9:4-6)


    w2016 March study issue pp. 13-17

    Thick smoke poured out, and from this came a plague of locusts. Rather than ravage vegetation, the symbolic locusts swarm against “those people who do not have the seal of God on their foreheads.” (Rev. 9:1-4) John no doubt knew how devastating a locust swarm could be. Had not locusts plagued ancient Egypt in Moses’ day? (Ex. 10:12-15) The figurative locusts that John saw well illustrate anointed Christians proclaiming Jehovah’s powerful judgment messages. They are joined now by millions of companions with an earthly hope.

  • smiddy3

    "The figurative locusts that John saw well illustrate anointed Christians proclaiming Jehovah’s powerful judgment messages. They are joined now by millions of companions with an earthly hope".

    Wasn`t it sometime during the 1970`s that there was a campaign to distribute brochures with a particular message every month or so ,maybe a total of seven.?

    And likened to JW`s as a locust plague on this system of things ?

    And speculation ran rife among the R&F alluding to the seven times the Jews went around the city blowing their trumpets and the city fell.

    Back then was the belief that each brochure message was going to be stronger and more hard hitting than the previous one .

    And the last one was to be the best pronouncing Jehovah`s judgements on this world ,that would be so hard hitting that it would bring on the GT and the big A.

    And of course nothing of the sort ever happened .

    Does anybody here remember those times ?

    Oh , and you were`nt to engage in any discussion with the householders either , the goal was to get as many of these brochures delivered to as many people as was possible during this campaign .

    It was an urgent message to be delivered .( Which led to much speculation )

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    It's an interesting analogy Pete. "The Truth" JW style is like a parasite which enters the heart and the brain of unsuspecting victims. It completely changes their life behaviour, compelling them to conform entirely to the will of JW HQ. For those infected, the whole purpose is to propagate the paradise delusion to other susceptible people mainly the children and families of those who are already victims. The only cure is to try and think things through rationally and investigate the evidence for belief but a major consequence of being infected is that the individual becomes very fearful of questioning JW doctrine.

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