Does anyone know what happened to YouTube ex-jw Candice Lambert?

by Tenacious 5 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • Tenacious

    About 6 months ago she had uploaded a very damning video exposing the subliminal satanic images in different publications. Prior to this she had uploaded many videos talking about different jw topics. Then about 2 weeks ago she started uploading videos on being able to celebrate Christmas with her daughter. Shortly thereafter she was gone. I believe she had personal contact with Kim and Mikey not sure though.

    Does anyone know what happened to her or any news on her?


  • blondie

    No but she made a youtube with this guy

    Maybe he knows.

  • Tenacious

    Thanks Blondie.

    I did see this video but was just wondering what happened to her.

    It seems that she just closed up shop and left.

    I hope she was not blackmailed into taking her channel down.

    I say that because that one video she uploaded (which I downloaded) was pretty damning.

    Either thanks Blondie. I'm going to contact Son of Thunder I believe he knows her as well.

  • Faded

    I'm disappointed that she disappeared. She made good videos.

  • kookie

    Really liked her videos' maybe she has moved on.

    but would like to thank her helped a lot!

  • kookie

    I subscribed to her videos and its not listen under my subscriptions just hope she is ok.

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