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    Well I’m just back from two weeks holidays. Me and Delilah drove down the first day 400 miles (650km) into France and then got off the road and found a beautiful walled town called Langres (didn’t know it was there, we’d just had enough of driving), and stayed there a night in a little camp-site within the walls. The next day we traveled 500 miles (800km) the rest of the way to the Med, a place called Narbonne-plage (nearish the Spanish border), got in quite late and put up our little tent in the first camp-site we saw and grabbed some food. The next day we decided to find a better camp-site, and asked where the local nudist beaches were so we could find a site close to them. There was one about 6 miles (10km) away, and we though we’d have a look at that first before seeing another one about 20 miles (30Km) further down the coast.

    We drove through this little coastal town called San Pierre la Mer , quite touristy, and saw a sign for a camp site that was near the nudy beach. The road wound through salt-marshes for a few miles, and we were saying to each other it was probably a naturist camp-site as it was so out of the way: we hadn’t planned on staying at a naturist camp site, just near a beach…

    BUT, when we got there, it was so peaceful and beautiful (and clean), and such a friendly family-orientated place (some nudist places can be a little sex-orientated, like Cap Agda which was a bit up the coast from us) that we decided to stay there… so, we’ve spent two weeks baking our white bits brown! No forest fires anywhere near, just around 90 degrees F (30 degrees C) with a pleasent breeze every day.

    The first day is a little strange I guess… me and Delilah aren’t bothered by nudity, we go to spas and that, which in the Netherlands are clothing optional (and almost always nude), but it was a new environment for us. But, quite frankly, when everyone is naked, then people are not so obsessed about bodies and looking: if anything, people respect your privacy and look you in the eye more than on an ordinary beach when you’re wearing a bikini (not that I wear bikinis, but you know what I mean).

    People don’t look at you anymore than if you were clothed, and staring is just something which doesn’t normally happen the way it does on ordinary beaches. It was our first time at a naturist camp-site, and from what people told us it’s a really good one for families etc., but we’re really sold on it.

    We stopped back at the camp-site in Langes on the way home again; when you're used to clean open-plan showers where you don't have to worry about dumb ass concepts like 'decency', and have to pull clothes that ALWAYS get a bit wet onto bodies that are not quite dry in a shower stall, going to 'textile' campsites just doesn't seem worth the hassle. Yeah, I know I sound like I've just been indictrinated into a cult, but unless you have big issues with being naked in front of people (which is fine is you do and equally valid as not), I'd recommend you try it.

    It really breaks any connection that nudity has with sex; yeah, you're normally naked when you have sex, but that doesn't mean being naked is in itself a sexual act, if you follow me. It's just not having any clothes on. People do wear clothes in the evenings (people don't brush against each other in crowded places when they are naked, it's one of the things that you 'don't do'), and it was not a 'hardline' campsite, in that some people did wear clothes some of the time even during the day. It really isn't just the body beautiful either; all creatures great and small one might say, but it just makes you more aware of people and less of bodies, so the old people and those who don't have fit bods don't seem to feel or suffer anything from not conforming to some societal ideal of the right shape.

    We did an awful lot of lazing by the pool, wandering along the beach, getting nicely sozzled with the heat (sun all but one morning and one afternoon) and cheap wine… we only went sight-seeing once to Carcasonne (another old walled city like something out of a fairytale), and horse-riding once, the rest of the time was on the camp site and its beach (it was that nice you didn't want to leave and go somewhere less nice), apart from popping into the town for the market every day or two.

    And now I am back at work which sucks majorly . 30 litres of cheap wine (6.5 gallons, hehehehe) and the best damn tan I've had since I was a kid... and yes, my girlfriend's bottom IS brown (along with everything else), and when we get the photos back I'll see what would be 'appropriate' to post (my gf doesn't want her face posted, I'm not sure how she feels about other bits of her body!). I have no intention of spashing my dangly bits all over a web-page, but will see if there's a photo which gives you the flavour of an utterly pleasent vacation without giving you an eyefull!

    Oh, any one got any questions about it (naturist camp sites) (I'd of had several before going to one), fire away!!!

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    YAH!!!! Welcome back, I'm glad you had a great time


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