Talking to a dubber is like talking to a borg its futile.

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  • dogon

    I have talked to many current dubbers, they will never listen and feed back the same old bull shit that they were given at the last meeting. I can show them from their own cults writings and they will dismiss it as fast as a cheap hookers dress hitting the motel floor. Their minds have become so brain washed its impossible to get through. Its like shooting a 44mag into pudding, the faster the bullet goes the more the pudding actually hardens for a second to stop the force of the bullet. Its really crazy to see but watching them try to tell you some bull shit about Jehovah is the barn and we are the wheat and bla bla bla more fucking bull shit makes you throw up a bit in your mount.

  • steve2

    It sounds very frustrating. You could just accept they are sold on it so there's little use trying to dissuade them. By trying to get them to see reason you end up feeling even more frustrated.

  • DesirousOfChange

    In years past, you could somewhat defend the doctrine. And there was no World Wide Web to seek out arguments from opposing viewpoints.

    All that has changed. Their doctrines have had to be revised (because time has run out on them) and they are indefensible and the access in the "Information Age" is overwhelming against them.

    I personally believe that the majority of (YES, Majority) active JDubs are aware that something is "wrong". But what can they do? Their entire social network, yes, their entire life is all dependent on JW doctrine. They risk family, friends, and their life (as they know it) on maintaining their status in the Congregation/Organization.

    All of their decisions for life have been based on JW Doctrine and prophecy. It's very hard to admit to yourself that you've screwed up your entire life by being a fool and listening to this BS.


  • Phizzy

    DOC said." They risk family, friends, and their life (as they know it) on maintaining their status in the Congregation/Organization.".

    Yes, but remember, it is not a Cult, not in any way.

    I remember feeling the same frustration for years after leaving, in the end I decided there was little point in engaging in conversation with them at all about religion in any way.

    I do though always mention my challenge to a number of sets of Elders, they always call on me in pairs, the challenge being that they prove to me that what they now teach is the truth. No Elder has taken up the challenge. I leave the JW to ponder why. But I know Cog. Diss. will kick in and the JW will justify this horrendous hypocrisy.

  • blondie

    As soon as you start talking

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