Spain: Former JW reports to Police harassment, menaces and threats regarding his moral integrity.

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  • sp74bb

    The new Spanish forum has informed about a new report to the Police.é-judicial-cantabria

    This Spanish citizen claims to the Police for harassment, menaces and threats regarding his moral integrity.

    Despite having warned the body of elders regarding judicial procedures, they insisted to invited him by letter and even visiting him at home for a "judicial comittee".

    This citizen has included copies of the emails, letters and reports during its hearing with the Police. The Police has accepted his claim again the different elders members of this "judicial comittee" and the Spanish Bethel.

    Laws are compulsory for every one even for JW. It is time for them to learn it...

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    Good, I wish this person great success! The more of this type of thing the better, these elders need to know their limits according to the laws of an enlightened society no longer living dominated by bronze age Deities.

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