Hopefully a Commonwealth Precedent - DF'ing Reviewable by a Court

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    Well, it's been a very long road, so far, but, for the greater good.

    Appeal decision posted today.


  • smiddy

    Good luck with that , I hope you find satisfaction in the outcome .

    Hopefully someone on here with experience in legal matters can offer more comfort.

    And welcome to the board.

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen

    Good luck.

    I understand that it's the economic impact of the DF that makes the court willing to review the case.

    But imho what should be reviewed by the court is that the life of a less than 15 year old child and their family can be destroyed because the child decided/was pressured to become 'member of a self governed organisation', but failed to foresee all consequences of that 'decision'.

  • smiddy

    Anders Anderson , good points.

    No child ,teenager or even an adult is forewarned of the consequences as to what will happen to you if, by any chance , you fail to live up to the rules and regulations imposed on you by the Jehovah`s Witness Elders /,Governing Body /clergy class.

    Such as marking you as an undesirable acquaintance to associate with .

    Publicly reproving you via an announcement in a Kingdom Hall , making you a person to steer clear of.

    Disfellowshipping you in a public announcement in a Kingdom Hall ,whereby all jehovah`s Witnesses including family members will now actively shun you , not even saying a greeting to you for at least a year , and then only if the congregation Judicial committee convenes and welcomes you back into the religion after you have jumped through many hoops to appease them.

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    Wonderful! Hope the d/f'd person is ultimately successful.

    The key phrase in the court's judgment is "natural justice."

    It is neither "natural" nor "justice" in how J.W. sinners are treated and punished by their so-called "shepherds."

  • JWdaughter

    Wow, a guy is drunk and verbally abusive and gets DFd.

    Legally, I am mystified about this-what can he hope to accomplish?

    Naturally, I am sick that the family was ripped apart so viciously by this organizational processes-and I speak of the daughters DFing. The consequences of Mr. Walls DFing are the stuff of JWD legend. Nothing new. But the impact that DFing his daughter, and the trickle down effect just highlights the tragedy of this WT doctrine. That this CHILD was experiencing as an adolescent the consequences of her adult father should give people pause. The aspect of his DFing appeal that mentioned the lack of spiritual guidance is also telling.

    Honestly, not knowing even what the court is figuring that can possibly be done regarding natural justice, I think this is a bit of a pyrric victory.But not entirely. The publicity will hopefully put some attention on the practice of DFing people, particularly children, and the chain reaction it's impact has on entire families. It is hate filled and harmful to the family in every way. This is proof.

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    The Supreme Court has set November 2, 2017 as the hearing date.

    My lawyer's bio is here:


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