National Siblings Day

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  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    As has been mentioned, JWs on social media seem to go overboard for the whole sibling day bandwagon, like they're so thrilled to participate in a holiday of sorts that hasn't yet been explicitly forbid that it's pathetic. So, it's okay to honor your brother and sister on a certain day, but it's wrong and pagan to honor your father and mother on a certain day, something that the Bible specifically says to do? Has anybody ever called them out on this, or seen someone else do it? I did see one JW preach to his friends about it in the comments (he's already known to be very self-righteous, attention-seeking and opinionated, so no real surprise for him) but no one really engaged with him. That was last year, and this year seemed to be even more intense. Wonder when the questions from readers or local needs will come out 🙄

  • stuckinarut2


    I have noticed the same thing .

    The few remaining JWs on my social media feed are mad for this day!

    It is really odd...

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    Facebook Comment to my JW Brother:

    "Happy Sibling Day my Brother... I honor you today and every day (except Fathers Day) cause' that would be pagan" LOL!

  • blondie

    I have nothing but pity for my siblings. Not a happy life and the sacrifices I made as the oldest child were considered something I was supposed to do. After all we are good for nothings slaves doing what we ought.

  • stillin

    NBD, you have a great way with words!

  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    Thanks stillin

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    This trend for JW's to make a big deal out of "sibling day" is odd since many of them that I know, are unable to talk to one or more of their siblings due to their having been disfellowshipped or having left "the truth".

  • Doubtfulandtorn

    I was actually just talking to my daughter about when there will be a special needs talk against siblings day. Anyway, I just want to say I don’t find it odd at all that so many JW’s take advantage of posting about siblings day. Celebrating is fun and it’s something witnesses don’t get to do very often unless it’s a “gathering” or some spiritual element attached like a convention. Like they literally have to pay for any fun they have there is always a price. I remember one time this sister threw a huge formal party for the kids and of coarse Elder killjoy and sister nosey had to give her a really hard time about it even though they were putting the whole thing together and paying for it themselves out of the kindness of their hearts. Well they have them such a hard time they never did that again.

  • smiddy3

    My mind boggles , Jehovah`s Witnesses actually engage in and celebrate National Siblings day ? my mind boggles.

  • Biahi

    What do JWs do if they have no siblings? Oh, well nothing to celebrate then. Killjoys!

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