Who watches these TV shows?

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  • William Penwell
    William Penwell

    Was bored this afternoon and surfing the T.V. I turned on TLC and they had this show called "What Not To Wear". Well I used to enjoy TLC but lately they have been putting these crappy "make over" shows. I am just wondering who watches this garbage? Do people like to get trashed and insulted form an egotistical idiot? I just wondered who died and made them God? I have seen their choice in fashion and I wouldn't even put some of their stuff on my pet dog. I mean I could say more but I better stop well I am ahead. Anyway I posted to TLC site. I don't expect getting a response back but here's what I said:

    Who died and made that know-it-all Wayne God? I can only stand watching about 30 seconds of him before I want to barf. Who watches this crap?? Someone with an I.Q. of a potato? When is TLC going back to the quality shows like history or detective programs. Please TLC do us all a break and scratch those egotistical morons off the air.

    Anway just wondering what others thought?


  • MrsQ

    I'll tell you who watches them---THE BRITISH!

    That show was on BBC before it was on TLC. Same thing with "Changing Rooms", which became TLC's "Trading Spaces".

    Although, I have to admit...I kind of like Changing Rooms/Trading Spaces. It is amazing what they can do with a $1,000 budget!

    Buuuut...I agree with you--WNTW is pretty rude. I mean, it isn't like the person has sought the fashion advice...they are basically ambushed by these snooty broads who treat them like they are criminals just because they aren't in style. I've seen about 2 episodes, and never watched it again...


  • William Penwell
    William Penwell


    I don't watch the Trading Spaces but I can at least tolerate it. Just makes me wonder where they get their tastes as I can't see the difference before and after and I had the way they trash people. If I was ambushed by some Flabio wanna be that could use a haircut and a makeover himself, I would tell him where to go.


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