Sweet onion is nothing to cry over

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    Tear-free onion on sale
    Onion Some people avoid cooking onions because their eyes stream
    Few chefs will shed a tear at the latest breed of vegetable - an onion which does not irritate the eyes.

    The Supasweet onion is specially bred - not genetically modified - to halve the content of the ingredient which irks the eyes and nostrils.

    It is also said to be mild enough to eat like an apple, and will be on sale at Tesco supermarkets from Sunday.

    The Supasweet has been developed with government-funded research by British farmers.

    It will cost 99p for a 500g pack of two - the same price as two imported Spanish red onions.

    altaltA minority experience such a severe reaction that they never cook with onions again alt Steve Murrells
    The new onion has a distinctive pale, thin skin and is easy to peel.

    It has been grown in low-sulphur soils to cut the pyruvic acid content.

    Tesco's fresh produce director, Steve Murrells, said millions of people would welcome the news.

    He said: "It heralds the beginning of a new era of food without tears.

    "While many of us will have suffered the stinging effect of peeling onions, a minority experience such a severe reaction that they never cook with onions again.

    "Since onions form the base of so many of today's dishes, the Supasweet will open up a new world of cooking to them."

    Tesco is being supplied by farmers from Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire.

    Growers at the Lincolnshire-based Allium and Brassica Centre and scientists from the University of Liverpool have also been involved.

  • Francois

    Looks to me like a plain ol' Vidalia onion that's been ripped off by you Brits.

    Get a map of the state of Georgia. Find Savannah on the coast at the South Carolina Line. Look west of Savannah until you find Vidalia. This general area centered on Vidalia is where the original Vidalia onion is grown. And it CAN be eaten like an apple. But the Brits didn't invent it. WE DID.

    I like to core out a bigun, leaving it closed off on one end, and fill it with my favorite condiment like Teriyaki sauce or something. Keeping it upright, wrap it in aluminum (that's ah' lum in num for those of you across the pond) foil and bake it till tender and serve with a nice medium rare tenderloin, and a glass of Mondavi Coastal or even Boomerang for the rich among you.

    Just remember, this is an invention of south Georgia rednecks, not Brits.

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