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  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Greetings, Friends:

    The following is one of those now-I've-heard-everything field experiences.

    This morning I went to a client's home to collect on work done. While we were talking, the phone rang, she picked up, and told me she didn't recognize the caller ID. She clicked on talk and listened a few moments before asking, "What is this about?" A few seconds later "Mary" exclaimed, "No thank you!"

    Knowing me and my past, "Mary" said she had just been invited to luncheon at the Kingdom Hall. It's not unusual for residents in our gated community to receive phone calls from JWs. I looked at the caller ID and recognized the name of the Witness. Probably a group meeting at her home because the caller, who gave her name, was not that shown on the screen.

    I am baffled -- is this an inducement of sorts, in the manner of "Rice Christianity"?

    Your thoughts, please.

    Thank you.

  • longgone

    I've never heard of anything like that either. It's just one strange thing with them or another. 😕

  • tepidpoultry

    Sounds to me like some rogue sisters got bored! :)

  • millie210

    So they are either "cold calling" because the community is gated and they cant get in, OR Mary was perceived as showing interest previously and they are trying to consider her as a "return visit" maybe?

    Either way it sounds like "we cant come to you so you come to us" doesnt it?

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Thanks, longgone, tepidpoultry, and millie for your input.

    "Mary" is not an interested person, a return visit, but you know how it is -- we used to call back on smiles, we were often so desperate. It really appeared a cold call from a stranger to another stranger.

    What I cannot fathom is why there would be luncheon at the Kingdom Hall to which cold-called people are invited. I remember clearly, in my day, that Bible students (Bible "studies"), upon showing progress, were invited to some Witness gatherings; however, it was no mere friendly gee-we-like-you scenario.

    The JW teacher had an agenda: I'm going to get you to meetings, out in service, and see you baptized.

    Gratefully . . .

  • stuckinarut2

    It sounds like a clever method of reaching those in gated communities who can't be called on in the door to door work...

    Then if anyone complains about witnesses, the publishers can say they invited someone...not cold called on their door...

    sneaky bastards...

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Thanks, stuckinarut2, for a good point.

    But Mister, I just invited her [a total stranger] to break bread with me at church . . .

    Silly me! Witnesses don't talk like that!

  • zeb

    CC it could also be a scam to get her out of the house and then raid it.

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    I never thought of that, Zeb! Thanks.

    Apart from my having recognized the name on caller ID as that of a JW, still, you never know.

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